Remember The Alamo?

recognizes that he hasn't done a lot this year, not nearly close to matching those lofty expectations.

The Cowboys have been criticized often in the way they've used Bennett in the first four games. Whether it's fans or media asking for the Cowboys to single him out and try to get him the ball, or it's being criticized when they have actually done that, the Cowboys can't seem to win just yet in that regard.

As a result, Bennett doesn't win either.

Other than two end zone fades against Tampa Bay and Carolina, the Cowboys haven't really made a conscious effort to single out Bennett. While I understand he's a mismatch in the red zone, and I do think the Cowboys need him more in that area, it's not always that easy exploiting or even finding mismatches in the open field.

Just because this guy is 6-7, 260 pounds doesn't mean he's always out-athelete-ing his competition. He might be able to out-jump those tiny cornerbacks in the end zone, but I bet they're all over him in pass coverage in the middle of the field.

He might able to run around bigger, slower defensive ends, but when it's time to block them in the trenches, Bennett doesn't always win that.

My point is that just because you're a mismatch on one side, it probably means you can be on the wrong end of a mismatch the other way.

Do I think the Cowboys need to try and utilize Bennett better? Yes, certainly. But do I think it's completely the team's fault that he has four catches in four games, no I don't.

As for Hurd, I'm not sure anyone is or should be too surprised that he hasn't blown up in four games so far.

Yes, he was the king of circus catches in camp but for the most part, we all figured he would be the fourth, or maybe the third receiver. And that's pretty much what has happened.

He was forced into action last week, especially at the end of the game with Williams out. I thought Hurd made a nice route-adjustment on that big fourth-down play to get the Cowboys down there. But despite the 53-yard gain that gave the team a chance, you saw some of his limitations there.

Hurd doesn't have blazing speed at all. Yes, he had a big gain but even senior citizen safety Brian Dawkins got him quickly and whipped him to the ground. He's not the strongest receiver either, getting brought down before he get out of bounds, and then letting Champ Bailey go through his back like that at the end.

Hurd is a good route runner with pretty good hands. He also has a knack for making a clutch play. But he's the third or fourth guy, and that's probably what he'll always be.

Against the Chiefs Sunday, the Cowboys will need him to step up and I'm predicting that he has the biggest game of the day among those training camp stars.

This is the first chance for Ogletree and even though you get the feeling Bennett will be more involved, I'd say watch out for Hurd this week in Kansas City. Probably nothing too flashy, but a few catches and maybe a touchdown.

But at this point, the Cowboys will take production in the passing game from anyone willing to step up.

However, it would be nice to see that training camp trio come to the front. It's not really a luxury anymore, but a need.

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