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Report: Cap Penalties Hearing Set For May 10

Next month, the Cowboys and Redskins will make their case that the NFL did not have grounds to remove a combined $46 million in salary cap space over the next two years.

A hearing with Special Master Stephen Burbank, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, will be held in May, according to a report by, citing a source.

After Dallas and Washington outspent their counterparts by front-loading contracts into the uncapped 2010 season, the NFL decided this spring to impose restrictions on their spending in the next two years despite the fact that all contracts for 2010 had been approved by the league's management council.

The Cowboys and Redskins could attempt to paint the league's efforts to curb spending in the uncapped year as collusion.

The teams may not immediately know the findings of the hearing, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said he anticipates a a resolution well before the beginning of the season.

*UPDATE: reports the hearing has been scheduled for May 10. *

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