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Right-Hand Man

You knew some of these guys from the film but are you still learning these players?
Eberflus: Well, sure, you're constantly learning. I'm still learning because I've only had them for about 12 days with pads on or what I've seen on the field. You learn what guys strengths and weaknesses are. You try to play to a guy's strength and minimize his weakness.

Lots of talk about last year? Since you weren't here, does it get old?
Eberflus: We try to move forward all the time. The only reason we really looked at the tape in the offseason was to look at personnel. See what the guys do well and what their abilities are in terms of coverage and pass rush – key reads in the run game for the inside 'backers and how they did it and what they were looking for. And then we just put our scheme in and teach them our scheme.

Can Brooking's injury at this point in camp be somewhat of a blessing because the younger guys get more reps?
Eberflus: It's a tough league – even though he got hurt when we had no pads on – and it happens. There are always opportunities created. You never want to see someone get hurt. When it happens, the guys behind him have to step up and rise to the occasion that creates opportunity.

Is there any way DeMarcus Ware is better than you thought?
Eberflus: Yeah, Rob and I think he's much better than we thought. And we thought he was great, but man, he's really good. Oh, yeah.

What about some of these rookie free agents that are coming on, like Alex Albright?
Eberflus: Alex has really proved to be a smart, athletic, tough, long player. Just learning the system new like everyone else is doing. But really, it's remarkable what he's learned being a conversion guy playing defensive end and now he's playing outside back. That's a big deal. Usually it takes guys a long time to do that. And he's picked it up faster than most.

How about Orie Lemon, another undrafted rookie?
Eberflus: He's done a good job. No. 1, he's a good football player. Playing in the 4-3, now working in a 3-4, and I know we're multiple, but he has to learn how to key-read and those things. And he's done a good job for the most part.

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