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Risky Business

!Colombo returned to action just seven weeks after suffering his two injuries in Green Bay.

qualify as a risky move.  

After that, the Cowboys still don't know what they have in Pat McQuistan. Although he's been around for four seasons and you would like to think if he's going to do anything or flash the promise, he would've already done it. Robert Brewster didn't even get to have that red-shirt year of learning because he tore a pectoral muscle just before training camp. So, the raw, unpolished rookie the Cowboys were expecting to have last year, will probably be raw and unpolished again this season.  

And even if the Cowboys go out and draft a lineman, let's say even with the 27th pick in the draft, which would be Jerry Jones' first offensive tackle selected in the first round and the team's first since 1981, that player still may not be ready to be thrown into the fire right away. 

So the point obviously goes back to Adams. In any other year, saving money and cutting corners is the way of an NFL life. But not in this uncapped year. So saving a few bucks shouldn't be a high priority, especially if you're sacrificing so much.  

Who knows if the Cowboys are ready to cut ties with Adams just yet? Jerry sounded pretty unsure last month if Adams can have another season like the last one, or the year before, or the previous 10.  

But any question mark that Adams might be for his 13th season, the Cowboys would have just as many, if not more, if they decide to end his stint at just 12.

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