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Rocky Road


Romo's record in his 27 road starts. That's a .704 winning percentage, meaning Romo is mighty consistent, home or away, when considering his home starting record is 19-9 (.679). No GPS needed. 

On top of that, here is Romo's passing line in those 27 road games: 603 of 938 (64.3 percent), 7,436 yards, 42 touchdowns, 26 interceptions. And in 2009, Romo averaged 313.4 yards passing in the eight road games, second best in the NFL to only Houston's Matt Schaub. The Cowboys will need every bit of that, and likely more, to come away with at least the 5-3 regular-season road record they had in 2009. 

The eight home opponents do offer some semblance of balance. Half the home opponents finished 2009 with losing records: Chicago (7-9), Detroit (2-14), Jacksonville (7-9) and Washington (4-12). 

Yet the other half includes the Super Bowl champion Saints (13-3), the Eagles (11-5) and the 8-8 Giants and Titans. Now if you had your druthers, reversing this schedule would be to your liking, certainly preferring to play the presumed better teams at home and all those sub-.500 ones on a road traditionally loaded with potholes in the NFL. 

Now then, when combining the home and away opponents, this means the Cowboys will be playing both conference champs from last season, four division champs and 11 opponents finishing at least .500 or better. 

You've been forewarned. So let's not become hysterical in early April when we learn the Cowboys are saddled with some migraine stretch of playing the likes New Orleans, the Giants, Green Bay and Minnesota within a five-week span. Because when looking at this string of opponents, especially the ones on the road, there is no two ways around it. 

In Tony Romo you must trust.           

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