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Rough Ending(s)

!DeAngelo Hall's fumble return was a backbreaker for the Cowboys before halftime.

And on offense Washington did just enough. It really wasn't much at all, but enough. Sometimes you don't have to be good, just good enough. 

Hey, I'm not saying the Cowboys deserved to win this game, because they most certainly did not. Had there not been a penalty on Barron on the final play, and the Cowboys escaped with a dramatic 14-13 win, there would be many national pundits saying the Cowboys wouldn't have deserved to win it.  

I wouldn't buy that. Just like I'm not saying the Cowboys deserved to win this one. But they were the better football team. Anytime you out-gain a team on the road 380-250, and you don't win the game, that's a problem.  

If you have the ball for 34:03 in time of possession, to just 25:57 for your opponent, and score just a touchdown, that's a bigger problem.  

If you commit 12 penalties for 91 yards, one of which that negates a potentially game-winning touchdown, of course that's the biggest problem of all. 

And it was like that all night. It was a night of just when you think ... Just when you think it's about to be halftime with a 3-0 deficit, you get Tashard Choice's first fumble of the year, and it's now 10-0.  

Just when you think the Cowboys had managed to come all the way back and win this game on a touchdown pass to Williams, there's another penalty and it's over.  

So just what to think of this team right now?  

Well don't think too hard about the big picture. It's a long season that most certainly will be filled with ups and downs. 

Like this game for example, it had plenty of both. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, the two biggest "downs" of the night both occurred with triple-zeros on the clock.      

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