Rules to Live Bye

  • Over the last 17 seasons, ever since 1994 when the NFL consistently played a 16-game schedule over 17 weeks with just one bye included, the Cowboys have posted a 98-89 record after the bye, which has landed anywhere from the third week of the season (three times) to the 10th week of the season (twice). * Only three times have the Cowboys gone into the bye with a winning record and finished with a losing mark over the remaining games following the bye. That would have taken place in 1997, the Cowboys 2-1 going into the bye and then 4-9 over the final 13 games after the bye; again in 1999, starting off 2-0 going into the bye, then, after losing Michael Irvin for the season - and his career - in Game 4, ending up 6-8 in the final 14 games of Gailey's coaching career with the Cowboys after the bye; and the third in 2004, the Cowboys 2-1 heading into the bye and 4-9 afterward. * The opposite has occurred only once, the Cowboys in 1996 only 2-3 in those first five games with Irvin serving his five-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the league and then going 8-3 after the bye. * Two other times the Cowboys were no more than a .500 team heading into the bye, both times just 1-1, yet went 9-5 over the final 14 games in 2003 and then 8-6 after the 2006 bye. * The Cowboys are 6-2 over the past eight games after the bye. * In the 22 games immediately following all byes, including the two spliced into the 1993 season, the Cowboys own a 15-7 record.
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