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Same Song

!The Cowboys have now committed 23 penalties in the last two games.

stiff-arm and score. (Of course, this team wouldn't mind having some of that).  

But talent is also the ability to concentrate enough on every play not to commit a penalty or not to miss an assignment. Talent is being athletic enough to do all the highlight stuff, but mentally strong not to screw it up with a penalty.  

Back to pointing out the problems, yeah the coaching staff is an easy target. And to some degree, they get the blame.  

Games are always a chess match and I think Minnesota's defense won the battle. Sure, they gave up some yards, but that was the plan. They allowed the Cowboys to dink the ball off to Felix Jones and Marion Barber and made sure their guys tackled.  

That's what happened all day long. Felix Jones had 10 catches for 61 yards? The Vikings weren't about to let Miles Austin run past them too many times.  

But at some point, it has to come back to the players, too.  

I mean what have we said forever about Felix Jones? Get him the ball in space, right?  

Well, now what? He had plenty of space, but he's not making anyone miss. Sure, he's the most dynamic back of the three, but he wasn't so electric on Sunday.  

Over and over it seemed like he had a swing pass with nothing but open space and he gets four yards. Felix caught 10 passes and his longest play from scrimmage was just 14 yards?  

And he ran it 14 times with a long of just six. Barber had 10 carries for 31 yards, with his longest run from scrimmage only six as well.  

You know it's tough sledding against the Vikings up front, who create just as many problems in the passing game. But when that happens, your guys have to make plays - make a guy whiff, juke somebody and it didn't happen.  

The Cowboys might have talented playmakers, but they don't always show up. 

And you look at Dez Bryant's great catch for a touchdown, yet he comes back on third-down later in the game and short-arms a slant over the middle.  

DeMarcus Ware gets a sack in the first half, but an offside a few plays later.  

Jason Witten had some clutch catches in the game, but another false start.  

Mike Jenkins played well against Moss and Percy Harvin, but then gets a key pass interference penalty.  

Romo does a great job in the first half of making plays with his feet and arm, but then turns the ball over on a costly pick in the fourth.  

And the list doesn't just stop there. We really could go all day long. Nobody is safe from the blame game.  

These guys are making plays for both teams.  

Sunday in Minnesota saw new culprits against a different team in a different setting, but ultimately it was the same mistakes. 

And worse than anything, another similar result.      

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