Scouting Report: Ehinger Needs Consistency


FRISCO, Texas – Having had a chance to sit down with the tape, here is my scouting report on newly-acquired offensive lineman Parker Ehinger, who the Cowboys traded for on Thursday night.

Name: Parker Ehinger
Position: OG/OT
College: Cincinnati
Weight: 310
Draft:Selected in the fourth round, 105th overall, by Kansas City in 2016

Scouting Report:

· The Chiefs evaluated Ehinger as an offensive tackle this preseason. He played as a guard during his rookie season.

· This is a competitive player. He shows physical toughness in the way he plays. Works hard to finish his blocks.

· I would not call him the best athlete. There is some stiffness in the way he moves. He tends to bend at the waist and will struggle with his body control and balance.

·             There were times where his foot movement wasn't ideal and then others where he redirected well. He will struggle with his overall foot quickness. Limited lateral range.

· Tries to maul his man as a run blocker. Gets really tight and then pushes hard. There were snaps where he showed he could get some movement.

· I have seen rushers try and spin on him maintaining position. Hands and feet were not bad but feet will get a little wide.

· Showed the ability to make the cut off block. Not a bad blocker when on the move.

· Ehinger is a one-shot blocker when he gets on the second level. I would like to see more sustain.

· Gets in trouble when he gets over extended. I have seen rushers pull him out of his stance. Strength can be up and down.

·             Will have four or five really good plays then one where he's as bad as they come.

·             Scouts around the league tell me that he was a much better player his rookie season before hurting his knee. Same scouts say he was also a soft player but I don't see that in his play.