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Scouting Reports On Cowboys' New Guard & Safety


FRISCO, Texas – With the Cowboys claiming two players on Sunday afternoon, here are my scouting reports of offensive lineman Adam Redmond and safety Ibraheim Campbell.

Name: Adam Redmond
Position: C/OG
College: Harvard
Weight: 290
Draft:Signed undrafted with Indianapolis in 2016

Games Studied:2018 preseason against Carolina, Cleveland and Cincinnati.


· Redmond is a competitive player. Doesn't take plays off. Effort and intensity are good.

· Shows physical toughness as a blocker. It's not always pretty, but he has a way of completing the job.

· Quick to get in position on his blocks. He fights to stay engaged on his block. More of angle blocks than drive. Will hold the defender in position more than he will drive them off the ball. Solid when asked to reach or scoop his man wide.

· Good foot movement. Nice lateral slide to help when needed. Plays on his feet.

· Aware to pick up when he sees the twist. Shows football intelligence. Didn't see him bust an assignment or let his man run free. Good instincts with the ability to process information. Didn't see him get fooled.

· Strength is not his best trait -- either in the upper or lower body. He gets knocked back some, but he will eventually sit down on his man. Not an explosive player. More of fit and hang on. Not much pop in his hands.

· Athletic in order to get to the second level and push his man past the hole.

· He was often used as a puller. He is able to get to the spot but could use some contact balance. Could locate target but had some trouble finishing when on the outside.

· Pass set tends to be a wide base, but he still manages to keep his feet active to be able to adjust.

· Had a couple of shot gun snaps where the quarterbacks had to work to gather the ball. Need to keep an eye on this.

· I like him as a backup option to Joe Looney until things get sorted out with Travis Frederick. You could play with him and still execute the offense. Better center prospect than what I saw from Marcus Martin.

Name: Ibraheim Campbell
Position: S
College: Northwestern
Weight: 210
Draft:Drafted in the fourth round, 115th overall, by Cleveland in 2015

Games Studied:2018 preseason against Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City and Dallas

· Campbell is physically built like a strong safety with thickness, but he was used as a free safety in the Texans' scheme.

· He runs well for his size. You can see it in his zone drops. He can really cover some ground when getting to his area. Plays with a burst.

· Impressive wrap-up tackler. Not afraid to stick his nose in the action. He can bring the ball carrier down. I have seen him stop runners in their tracks. Explosive. Plays well in space when it comes to tackling.

· Plays with his eyes. He reads the route and reacts well. Shows some transition in his pedal.

· Gets through the traffic when he plays down low. Finds his way to the ball. Wants to be part of the action. Is willing to throw his body around. 

· Physical to get rid of blockers. Does a good job playing with his hands.

· Quick to find his man in the red zone. Plays aware. Doesn't make mistakes coverage-wise. Plays with instincts.

· Shows lateral agility and balance. For a big guy he is not a stiff looking player.

· I wasn't a huge fan of his while in college. He was a late-round consideration due to the fact that I didn't think he could run. He is now a much better player overall, traits-wise. Has improved in his overall game and ability.