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Show Leftovers: Felix Back On Returns?

With only one hour-long broadcast per week at this point in the offseason, our e-mail questions often get missed on the **Talkin' Cowboys** and **Cowboys Break** online radio shows. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion on Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air this week.


I know you might get a lot of these questions, but with our lack of depth at wide receiver, what about getting Chad Ochocinco for one year?

Broaddus: There is not a lack of depth at receiver. Now, you might think there is a lack of talent but they are going to let these young players battle it out for spots. I believe there will be a chance that they carry six at that position, and Ochocinco is not even a thought in that mix.


How much will Felix be used on either punt or kickoff returns this year? He's a free agent at year's end and I highly doubt the Cowboys will break the bank to sign him, nor should they. So if he's going to leave anyway, why not get him back there and not worry about him getting injured like they do every year?

Broaddus: I do believe that you will see Felix on kickoff returns, but not on punts. I asked the question on the show today: If the other backs in the mix perform better than Jones would you consider going with them and moving on from Jones? Mickey and Rob both thought you needed him around if something happened to Murray. I will be real interested to see how Jones plays this summer and whether these young backs can push him for a spot.


How are the tight ends not named Witten doing?

Broaddus:John Phillips is moving and catching well. James Hanna is athletic but hasn't had many chances to catch the ball. I am a bigger fan of Andrew Szczerba from Penn State over George Bryan from North Carolina State. If this team could add a blocking tight end, I believe that they would do it.


Why haven't we heard much about John Phillips? He was clearly more productive than Martellus Bennett before his ACL injury. Could this be his breakout year as the second tight end? Could he be our Gronk 2.0 with his size and strength?

Broaddus: I am a huge John Phillips fan and although he can play a lot of different roles, he doesn't have the athletic ability of Gronkowski to get up the field. Phillips is moving much better than he did in 2011, which is a positive sign, but Gronkowski is such a mismatch player for defensive coordinators to deal with. Very Jason Witten-like in that you have to have a plan to deal with him, but the biggest problem is he lines up all over the formation which makes it difficult to set coverage to him.


Do you agree with the critics of DeMarcus Ware that he doesn't show up in crunch time or big games?

Broaddus:This will not be a popular answer, but in my view, there are times where you do wish that Ware would be more dominant at the end of games. The fourth quarter of the Lions game against a poor left tackle, Jeff Backus; the final drive against New England; the Washington game in D.C. where the Redskins single-blocked him nine of the 11 plays to score the game-tying points. Right or wrong, there are people that have compared him to Lawrence Taylor, but do you always see those L.T. plays to kill a game? Ware's finest hour in my book was against the Saints three years ago when he ended that game. As a scout I was taught, if you see it once, you should expect to see it again. With DeMarcus Ware, I expect to see it again.


How has undrafted free agent OLB Adrian Hamilton from Prairie View A&M looked in OTAs so far? Does he have enough of a skill set to challenge for a backup spot on the roster, competing with Kyle Wilber and Alex Albright?

Broaddus:Hamilton in my eyes has done a really nice job of adjusting from a guy that played with his hand on the ground, to a player that is playing upright. He more than has the skill-set to make a run at a roster spot this summer. You have to like a linebacker that knows how to rush the passer.

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