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Show Leftovers: Is Romo Great? Does Witten Stop Progress?

Ryan in Texas:When Miles and Dez went down with injuries in training camp, that prompted Ogletree to get more reps with Tony. How much of an affect do you think all those reps in practice contributed to the chemistry between Romo and Ogletree against the Giants?

Broaddus: There were times in camp where Romo and Ogletree worked very well together so I would say that was a positive thing but where Ogletree appears to be different from years past has been his commitment in preparation to his job. To be honest, I questioned if he really cared but for one week, he was focused and showed the ability to make consistent plays. He has 15 more weeks to try and do the same thing. 

Casara in Florida:On a regular basis, I hear members of the media saying Tony Romo is a good QB but not a great QB. How can anyone dispute the miracles he pulls off with his legs, extending plays and making it happen under constant pressure? I think the guy is a Magician and of the elite status.

Broaddus: Despite the fact that I am a media member, I do agree with what you have said here about Romo's ability to buy a second chance with his legs. There were plenty of opportunities in the Giants game where he was on the move but keeping his eye level down the field, he was able to make big plays. It's a trait that all elite quarterbacks have. Not everyone can avoid the rush like Romo but you have to be able to see what is going on down the field and he is outstanding at that. 

Ted in Alabama:Sean Lee and Bruce Carter were all over the field. Do you guys see them as key to defense?

Broaddus: There is no doubt that Lee and Carter were outstanding but to me the key of this defense will be the secondary. If Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Jenkins, Sensabaugh and Church can hold up, the pressure will come from Ware and others. We saw against the Giants that if you cover outstanding receivers, the quarterback has trouble dealing with the pressure and making accurate throws. The film showed that the Giants receivers really struggled to get open and in turn, Manning wasn't able to make plays on the move like Romo.

Jeff in Utah:Is Jason Witten becoming a progress stopper for our young tight ends? Are the Cowboys only keeping Witten around to break the catch record held by Michael Irvin?

Broaddus:I am not going to be a Jason Witten homer here but I thought that this season he came to camp in the best shape of his career. I was on the staff that helped bring him to Dallas, so I have seen his entire career. There are still traits that Witten has in his game that makes head coaches and defensive coordinators worried about him on the field. You still have to prepare for Witten and what he can do on a weekly basis. His route running is still at a good level and there has never been any questions about his hands. Is he a dominating point of attack blocker? No, he is not, matter of fact the holding call on the final drive was probably more due to not practicing for the last several weeks and his conditioning. Progress stoppers are guys that can't play, Witten is not at that point and he will know when it's time to go. 

Kyle in Iowa:How did the Vickers-Murray combo look/work in the game?

Broaddus: This was something that I had some concern about during the pre-season whether Murray and Vickers would get enough work together to get a feel. We all remember how Murray was able to work with Tony Fiammetta for some really nice rushing games. Vickers is a different style of back as compared to Fiammetta so that will take some getting used to but on the last series of the game, Garrett when he had to run the ball went single back which for now might be the best way to go for Murray but we will see in the future if the offensive coaches want to go that route.

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