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. . . Since 1995

better than that, now you have a chance.  

That 1995 team went 12-4, and the Cowboys have only won 10 games twice (1998, 2003) since that season.  

But winning games isn't the only thing that has drawn us back to 1995 this season. Seems like every week, when we're researching a stat, or a team milestone, or the last time somebody did this in a game or a season, it's always 1995.  

So many things are happening this year that haven't been done since . . . 1995.  

Of course, you want examples.  

Let's start with Terrell Owens, because, everything seems to start with T.O.  

But despite all of this other stuff that comes along with his game, "the player" has been rather good on the field. Say what you want about the drops, but the "catches" should be the bigger story.  

Owens has 77 catches this year, needing just three more to surpass Rocket Ismail (80 in 1999) as the most receptions by a Cowboys wide receiver . . . since 1995. Michael Irvin had a club-record 111 catches that season. Irvin has the three highest single-season totals with 111, 93 and 88. Owens could get into the top three with a couple of strong games here to end the season.  

No player has had double-digit touchdown receptions in a season . . . since 1995 when Irvin had 10. Owens passed that last week, catching his 10th and 11th touchdowns against the Falcons. T.O. needs three to tie Frank Clarke's 42-year-old record of 14 touchdowns in a season.  

And what about receiving yards? Owens needs 140 in the next two games to stake claim for the most receiving yards in a single season . . . since 1995, when Irvin had a club-record 1,603. But Irvin's 1,180 yards set in 1997 are within reach for Owens.  

But it's not just T.O.  

Let's go to the running game. The Cowboys haven't had a running back rush for more than 13 touchdowns in a season . . . since 1995. Emmitt Smith set a record of 25 that year, which has been broken by Shaun Alexander and now by LaDainian Tomlinson.  

But Marion Barber has 13 this season, and there is a good chance he will break that here in the final two games.  

How about scoring points?  

With 387 points scored this year, the Cowboys have already scored the most points . . . since 1995, when they had 435 points. While that looks out of reach at first glance, it's only 48 points. This team is averaging 27.6. They may get 48 against the Lions alone.  

The Cowboys currently have the No. 4 offense in the NFL. Those rankings are tallied by yards. The Cowboys are averaging 371.9 yards per game and haven't finished in the top five of the league in offense . . . since 1995.  

Just for fun, here's some other stuff.  

The Cowboys haven't had a winning record on the road . . . since 1995, when they went 6-2 away from Texas Stadium. The Cowboys were 5-3 this season.  

The Cowboys haven't had a non-kicker score 100 points or more in season . . . since 1995, when Smith had 150 points on those 25 touchdowns. Barber is at the door with 90 points.  

The Cowboys finally won in Atlanta for the first time . . . since 1995.  

OK, so now we're stretching it. But you get the point.  

Now, there were many more differences between that Super Bowl team and this one. It was a different time and a different league.  

But the Cowboys were really good in 1995.  

Are they really good this year? That remains to be seen and probably won't be answered for a few weeks.  

But if they are just really good, that might be enough to get out of the NFC this year and possibly - yes possibly - make it to the Super Bowl.  

And in case you didn't notice, it would be the Cowboys' first trip there . . . since 1995.                                                    

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