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So T.O. Wants the Ball; Keep Giving It

He may send out T-shirts to the players. But when it comes to getting his hands on the ball and making plays, that hasn't changed.  

  T.O. wants it every single play. And when it doesn't happen - win or lose - he's not too happy. 

  In fact, it's something I've been noticing going back to last year. Obviously, with a 13-3 record and one of the most prolific offenses in the league, there wasn't much to complain about.  

  But I did see Owens' stoic look on his face as he walked off the field last December in Detroit. The Cowboys had just completed an improbable comeback and won the NFC East division in the process. Yet, Owens couldn't even break a smile. Wonder why? It's hard to speculate, but the fact he caught just three balls for 21 yards might've had something do with it.  

  Fast forward to this season. The Cowboys just smashed the Packers in front of the world, using a combination of a few big plays to Miles Austin, and a smash-mouth running game. Owens' presence on the field undoubtedly opened up running lanes and certainly provided the opportunity for Austin to run wild in the Packers' secondary.  

  But Owens clearly wasn't happy about two catches for 17 yards against the Packers. After the game, not only did Owens not go to the podium as usual in the post-game press conference, but he didn't speak to reporters at all after the game.  

  Is that a trend? It's hard to tell.  

  But his teammates don't seem to have a problem with it. In fact, wide receiver Patrick Crayton apparently shares the feeling.  

  "Any competitor in this league, a receiver, running back, quarterback - whatever the situation is - if you don't want the ball, what are you playing for?"  

  T.O. says the same thing. Yet, he's the one who gets blasted. Sure, he's done it to himself over the years. He's an easy target and always has been.  

  "Hell, we all want more," Crayton said. "I don't think you can have enough candy."  

  Well, when it comes to T.O., it's a simple solution. Jolly Ranchers, Now & Laters, Airheads, Ring pops, footballs, whatever. Keep feeding him.  

  And, guess what? Owens' teeth may rot out and it will never be enough.                                                                                   

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