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So Why Not Them?


But the smart play is to remain patient, punt the ball and let your defense do its thing. That's exactly what happened. The Cowboys kept the Eagles pinned back in that first quarter, knowing that eventually the great field-position advantage would result in points.

That's what happened and the Cowboys were able to take control on the scoreboard as well.

Also, look at the defensive rotation and how the Cowboys were able to keep the big play from occurring. Not only did they rotate the linemen throughout the game, but that helped provide enough pressure on Donovan McNabb, who never had much time to throw. In fact, the Eagles' receivers really couldn't get down the field in time to make those big plays.

When the ball did get there, they were simply covered. For the third straight time, the Cowboys were a step, if not two steps ahead of the Eagles. That's not just talent, it's coaching as well.

I think Andy Reid is an excellent football coach and he's probably the biggest reason the Eagles have been so good for so long. And they're still good. But the Cowboys were clearly better.

Call it a changing of the guard, if you will. The Cowboys have finally cleared that Eagles hurdle, not to mention that nasty playoff-win drought that has haunted them for so long.

The hurdles have been cleared and the pressure should be relatively off next week. Of course, as special teams coach Joe DeCamillis said on his way out of the locker room, "let's be greedy."

And the Cowboys should be greedy. They should want and even now expect more. Remember back in 1992, when the Cowboys were just starting to bust through. They were young, inexperienced and really hadn't been through those playoff battles that teams such as Philadelphia, San Francisco and Buffalo had experienced.

However, full of youth or not, the Cowboys were just better than everyone else back then. And you know what, maybe that's the case right here and right now. The Cowboys just swept the Eagles three times and did it convincingly the last two.

Sure, the Vikings are tough and the Metrodome will be even tougher, but why not this Cowboys team? Why can't they be special? I'm sure there are some good, logical answers to those questions. But they certainly weren't visible Saturday night.

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