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Sounding Off

!Gurode is the only current player on the Cowboys roster during Emmitt's final season in Dallas.

CB Terence Newman:
My family's all from Texas so they were all Cowboys fans. When we watched football, we watched Cowboys. I'm a Deion man myself, but I did wear (Emmitt's) No. 22 when I was growing up playing running back, so I think he had a little part to do with that."

QB Stephen McGee:
Oh man, he is awesome. Growing up in Texas and getting to watch the Cowboys every Sunday and watching Emmitt. It seemed like every Sunday he was making another amazing play, just having a highlight day. It's pretty cool to be part of the same franchise as a player like Emmitt Smith

C Andre Gurode:
I actually remember him coming to me during that game before he broke the record. I was suffering from a couple of injuries and he said, 'alright big fella, you have to suck it up.' And I said, 'you know what? If it means me being on the field with one leg to make sure you break the record; I'll get it done.

LB Bradie James:
Emmitt is Emmitt. It's good that we have a Cowboy going in and to have this experience. (jokingly) Thanks Emmitt for allowing us to come an extra week early to training camp. But it's all good, at least he is getting into the Hall of Fame.

LB Keith Brooking:
Obviously Emmitt has the most important record of all for running backs. To be the all-time leading rusher in the National Football League is an outstanding accomplishment and is well deserved on his part. There have been quite a few Cowboys in the history of the Hall of Fame to be inducted and it just goes to show how this organization is the best in all the National Football League.

FS Akwasi Owusu-Ansah:
He is one of the greatest backs of all-time. I never met him before, hopefully I get the privilege of meeting him. It will be exciting.

FB Chris Gronkowski:
It's about time. That's what, the 12th Cowboys now? It's going to be a great celebration, I'm going to be there for it and I can't wait for the (Hall of Fame) game to start. I'm going to be so pumped, it's going to be crazy. I'm going to have to try to calm myself down. Just him being there and just us playing there, it's going to be great. When you turned on the T.V., that's all that you would see, the Cowboys back in the day and No. 22 running around everywhere. He is definitely a huge player and an inspiration.

CB Cletis Gordon:
That's a great accomplishment for Emmitt Smith. I was a huge fan of him growing up. So, I'm looking forward to it. It has a lot of history there (Canton, Ohio). I've always liked the Cowboys growing up. Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, (Michael) Irvin, I was a big fan of those guys and I had their jerseys and everything. I'm excited to see them and introduce myself to them and kind of pick their brains a little bit.

WR Kevin Ogletree:
My favorite memory of Emmitt is probably just the run to break the record. I remember that one most vividly. That one sticks out a little bit and all of his other ones were just as good, but I remember that one just because it was historic.

CB Jamar Wall
My favorite memory was when he broke the rushing record. I played running back in high school and I looked up to Walter Payton and I thought he was a great running back. When someone surpasses him, it's a great accomplishment. I know it was great for him, great for his family, just a big accomplishment for the Cowboys. I think that'd probably be my most memorable moment.

RB Lonyae Miller:
I'm definitely excited that he's going into the Hall of Fame. That's obviously huge for him and also huge for the program. He was a big contributor here, as you know, he was here with Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. He did a lot for the program; he was a hell of a running back. I've always watched him growing up. He's inspired me a lot also, and I'm just happy to see that he made it to the Hall of Fame.

TE Jason Witten:
I think obviously any players' dream is to ultimately end up there (the Hall of Fame). When you think of the Cowboys he is up there with (Troy) Aikman and (Roger) Staubach. To be the all-time leading rusher, I know so many people knew it was going to happen from day one but I still don't think it should take away from what he did for this organization. I know it's going to be a great day for him and this team. For me, growing up and always watching the Hall of Fame, it will be neat to be a part of it and just see it and to maybe be a part of it one day.

RB Herb Donaldson:
I grew up a Cowboys fan and my dad always talked about Barry Sanders, but I like the Cowboys, so I was an Emmitt guy. What I loved about his game was that he was a complete back. He could run the ball inside, outside, catch the ball, block, anything you want - he could do. As a running back that's the type of player you want to be. You just want to be an all-around back.

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