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"Special Moment" For Bills WR David Nelson

Had things gone differently against the Bills, this is the sort of thing Cowboys fans might be in an uproar about the day after a game - fast forward to the 1:35 mark.

Since the Cowboys pretty much had their way with Buffalo, it is instead a sort of sweet side note. A bit of an under-the-radar story all last week was that Bills wide receiver David Nelson is the boyfriend of a Cowboys cheerleader, Kelsi Reich.

When Nelson scored the lone Buffalo touchdown of the afternoon in the second quarter, bring the Bills to within two touchdowns, he immediately sprinted to Reich's cheer group on the opposite end of the field, delivering her the ball.

Without even dropping her pom poms, she was happy to accept.

"It was special," Nelson said. "Honestly, I wanted to do more. I wanted it to be a little more special, but being down 14, I didn't feel like I want to do too much more because I'm not that kind of person. If it would have been a better situation I would have done a little bit more, but you know, being down 14, I'm not going to celebrate too much, so the situation wasn't right."

Did the Cowboys' big first half lead yesterday delay a marriage proposal?

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