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Star Watch: Cowboys Help TV Star Form Bond With Dad


This story originally appeared in Dallas Cowboys Star magazine. For subscription information, please click here.

A native of Belton, Texas, Eads first made a name for himself on the television show "Savannah" while also appearing on other programs like "ER" and "Grapevine." Since 2000, he has starred as Nick Stokes in the hit series, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

"I'm going to have to blame this one on my dad. We were very close. He and I were supposed to come to a game last year, but unfortunately, he passed away on Nov. 1, 2011 after a long battle with lung cancer.

"The Cowboys were our unbreakable bond. I can remember watching big games with him as a small child. Sundays were 'game day' and we would both suit up in our Cowboy gear from top to bottom. Back when it was Staubach to Pearson, I can remember him throwing me in the air and catching me, screaming and laughing on huge touchdown plays. 'Go get 'em Boys!', he'd shout. It was as if we both played for the team. From the Dallas Cowboy bed sheets to the wallpaper in my bedroom. my blood ran blue and silver. Still does to this day. Thanks, Pop.

"I had a Roger Staubach No. 12 jersey that I literally wore every day until the fabric rotted away. I can remember crying like a baby when I realized it was no longer wearable. I'd put it on and run around the house giving the legendary shoulder shake to the furniture when the game was on. I can also remember stealing one of my grandmother's blond wigs and stuffing my head in one of my replica helmets just to act like Golden Richards.

"When Hollywood Henderson would make a big play, my Pop and I would run to the back porch singing 'Hurray for Hollywood!' at the top of our lungs. And what wasn't to love about Charlie Waters, if not for the name alone? Let's not forget Ed 'Too Tall' Jones or Drew and Preston Pearson.

"My Pop took me to a game when I was around 10 or 11 years old. I'd never been to a game before. I can remember it was at a time when my hero, Staubach, had a huge cast on his thumb. My Pop was county attorney of Bell County at the time, and being in law enforcement, he carried a badge. When the game was over he flashed it to security. I remember him saying 'Come on, boy!' as he put me on his shoulders. He had somehow gained us full access into the locker room after the game!

"My old man was 6-4, so on his shoulders I was huge and into the locker room we went. I got to meet all of my heroes. 'Too Tall' Jones even put me on his shoulders! Talk about huge. I was larger than life. They were the coolest group of guys I'd ever seen. Gladiators after a winning battle. My 'Boys!

"I never miss a game and still 'suit up' on game days. This upcoming season will be the first one that I will experience without my father, but I know he's going to be looking down on all of us with a beer in his hand and his jersey on. I have seven televisions in my house and they will all be blaring the games this year.

"All of my neighbors in the Hollywood Hills will hear my screams on Cowboy Sundays. When I walk my dogs, I typically have them tell me, 'I could hear you screaming "Boom! Touchdown! Let's go now 'Boys!"' That's me. The crazy redneck with a passion for his football team.

"I will fly my flag proudly and continue to have the star on the curb in front of my house re-touched. My jersey will be worn and my 'Big D' baseball hat will be pressed firmly on my skull. And everyone that steps through my front door when the game is on wears something related to the Dallas Cowboys or they don't get in. My house. My rules. Hollywood can't change me, try as they might.

"My father's last words to me before he died were 'I love you ... Go get 'em boy. No mercy.' We shared one last laugh before he took the long sleep. Remember tradition, fans. And remember the power of the star. I just might think it's bigger than all of us, players included.

"Heading into the 2012 season, maybe we could adopt my dad's last words, 'Go get 'em Boys ... no mercy!' Because there's going to be a 12th man on the field from now on, carrying the Cowboys on his shoulders. You know, I almost feel sorry for our opponents."

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