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State Title

!The Cowboys lost 23-7 to Houston in the preseason back on Aug. 28.

inter-conference opponent to create more rivalries. One of the two added games should be a Cowboys-Texans matchup every year. Then, maybe the rivalry would be reciprocated a little more.  

Still, forget the overview. No matter what has been the case in the past or what it will be in a year or two, the fact of the matter remains clear right now - the Cowboys have never played a more meaningful game down in Houston.  

So call it a rivalry. Call it a big game. Call it a battle for the state championship. It doesn't really matter.  

But for the first time maybe ever, both teams should have the same intensity. If this is Houston's Super Bowl, then it better be matched by the Cowboys, if not exceeded.  

There's no room for excuses. The Texans shouldn't want this game any more than the Cowboys. At least not this time.          

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