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Stephen Jones Says Cap Room No Concern

The Cowboys have made a flurry of moves since free agency began on Wednesday, and more could be on the way in the coming hours, days and weeks. Ultimately, though, there's a limit on just how much money the team can throw around.

After franchising Anthony Spencer, the team's salary cap space dipped to less than $5 million, and only a day before free agency began, the Cowboys were docked $5 million against their 2012 cap by the NFL.

The club created more flexibility by restructuring the contracts of cornerback Orlando Scandrick and tackle Doug Free. While there is a finite amount the Cowboys can spend to, team Vice President Stephen Jones doesn't seem to be too worried about running out of available funds.

"'Room' always makes me chuckle," Jones said. "That's irrelevant. What we have on a given day really doesn't relate to what you're ultimately going to have and how you're going to manage. All I can tell you is we can make the moves that we need to make, hopefully to get prepared for the draft, to make us the type of football team we need to be."

Jones wouldn't comment on the possibility of appealing the cap hit. 

"Obviously, getting the cap hit, you have to deal with it and there's ramifications of that," Stephen Jones said. "But it's not going to stop us from being able to do the things we have to do to be a championship-caliber football team in 2012."

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