Still Guessing On Glenn

And that's the key word in this equation - strength.  

This rehab has been about more than just making sure his knee is strong enough to withstand the pounding of running, cutting and physical contact. 

Brown and the team's strength and conditioning staff has been working hard to make sure Glenn's entire body - especially his legs - are back to normal.  

It all started with that first injury back in training camp.  

I vividly remember standing on the sideline in San Antonio when Glenn gingerly walked up to the trainer after a play, pointed to his knee and said "I heard a pop."  

That's never good to hear from a starting wide receiver. But for some reason, you didn't think it had the makings of anything serious.  

In fact, it wouldn't have surprised me if Glenn had gone back to practice that day. So to be writing a column here in mid-November still wondering when or if he'll return at all is still surprising.  

But that injury was the first domino in this process.  

After the initial knee scope on Aug. 1, Glenn had more swelling in his knee than expected. While it usually takes about a week for the swelling to go down, it was closer to four weeks for Glenn.  

That's not just four weeks with an oversized knee. That's a four-week vacation for all of your leg muscles as well.  

And once Glenn finally did get back on the practice field, the week before the first game of the season, that's when he had yet another knee injury, this time resulting in a second surgery.  

All this time, Glenn's quad muscles have been getting weaker.  

So while his knee might be getting close to 100 percent again, the muscles that make Terry Glenn what he is and what he has been, are not there yet.  

"It's taken longer, not only because of the problem he had initially and we're trying to get him as strong as we can, but he had a serious injury," Brown said. "He opted not to have the microfracture (surgery) because he wanted to try and play. But because of that injury, it's a serious problem he has to overcome. We'll have to see how he does."  

So that's where the Cowboys are with Terry Glenn - they're seeing how he progresses.  

They want to see what he can do. They want to see him start to run at full speed. And they want to see how he reacts from that.  

Of course, they want Terry Glenn on the field. His teammates do, too. Even receiver Patrick Crayton, who has started every game this year in Glenn's absence, said he wants to see Glenn back soon.  

"We still need him - that's an important component," Crayton said. "Just to have that extra threat that a team has to prepare for. If he's out there, you know what he's going to do."  

If Glenn is out there playing, he's going to run.  

And no matter what you think about how good this team has been, the Cowboys, and all NFL teams, can use a guy that can run like Terry Glenn.  

Regardless if this football team is 8-1. Regardless if the Cowboys have the No. 2 offense in the NFL. And regardless if this offense is "great", as head coach Wade Phillips called it last week.  

If Terry Glenn can get himself on the field this season and show any defensive back that he can run by them, that will make a difference. If he comes back for a game, he doesn't even have to catch a pass. The first time he runs by the cornerback and maybe the safety, too - just having that on film will be worth it.  

Remember, this isn't just a wide receiver who can run. This is Terry Glenn. He's earned that respect. So if he comes back for the final couple of games or perhaps in time for the playoffs, he'll make people notice.  

Opponents having to recognize where a speed receiver is on the field can open things up in the middle for guys like Crayton, Jason Witten and the running game.  

So there you have it. Probably didn't provide as many answers on this situation. Definitely didn't, couldn't and still can't provide THE answer that everyone wants.  

We just don't know "when" right now.  

But if I had to guess, and that's all it would be is a guess, I'd say Glenn still has another month before he returns to action. Maybe he misses four more

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