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Take Two

the ball. Even with Miles Austin playing the way he has lately, you didn't get the sense the Cowboys were trying to force the ball to him.

And the same goes with the running game. Obviously, Marion Barber hasn't had those Barbarian-like games here lately, making us all wonder if he's really 100 percent. He looked closer to that than he's been in a while. But even with that, the Cowboys did a much better job of mixing things up, splicing in some carries for Felix Jones and even Tashard Choice late in the game.

Talk about a balanced attack? Romo completed passes to 10 different players in the passing game. The only eligible players who didn't catches passes Sunday were fullback Deon Anderson and tailback Tashard Choice, who did have four carries.

"It was just the coverages," Romo said of spreading the ball around. "The things they were doing dictated it a little bit. They came in with the idea to pressure us and do it again. They were after it, and we handled it really well."

Overall, the Cowboys just handled Seattle really well, too. And this was a Seahawks team that was coming off a bye, a little bit healthier, although they've still had some big injuries, and getting to close to that desperation-mode.

But the Cowboys just answered it. They had a small lull early in the game, but like Phillips said, they struck fast. Like a boxer toying with an opponent for a few rounds just to justify the outrageous pay-per-view price, and them - Boom, it's over!

This is a good football team right now. As we stand here in the early stages of November, you can honestly say this team is playing very well.

But can they be great? We'll find out soon enough. A hunch tells me it may just happen next week in Philadelphia.

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