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Team Will Continue To Monitor Ware & Ratliff

With DeMarcus Ware aggravating his stinger on the second play of the game and Jay Ratliff dealing with the general wear and tear of playing nose tackle, the Cowboys were happy to see Saturday's game play out the way it did.

Neither player was used in the second half in Tampa, and may get more rest this week with a big game against the Eagles coming up.

"We just have to see them, we have to monitor them," Jason Garrett said. "They both were fairly productive with the snaps that they did get, but they're dealing with some injury. They fought through practice last week, they wanted to give it a go in the game last night. They did a pretty good job with their opportunities. We've got to get them healthy and get going, because we need them.

"You can sacrifice a little bit of the practice rep to make sure they're as healthy as they can be. But having said that, we want to get them back out on the practice field as early as we can, and I know they want to be back out there as early as they can. But it's a balancing act, like it is with a lot of injuries."

Tackle Tyron Smith went down with a neck stinger late in the Bucs game, and the Cowboys will be precautious with him as well, though early indications are he will be fine.

"I think he's feeling OK," Garrett said.

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