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The Joy Of Winning

yourself to go the next step to avoid the pain in the future. 

Coming in a close second on my greatest moments as a Cowboy was also not an interception or something personal. It was once again a team-oriented event. Actually it was shared between two moments. Both were victories by the "good guys" at our rivals' home turf: Dallas beating Washington at RFK and Dallas beating Philadelphia at The Vet. 

The pleasure derived from the hush that blankets and silences a once-rowdy crowd because you won on their turf is every bit as enjoyable as experiencing the deafening tumultuous roar created from your home crowd. That silence is truly golden. 

Players play for this moment. This vacuum devoid of any life livens me to no end. Quieting the wild and crazies at Philly this week, at career's end, I promise, will be one of those special moments these players will never forget. It might not be the one greatest moment in their careers, but I can guarantee, it will rank up there. 

It'll stay with you. When reflecting back on that day, you'll still see the disgruntled gnarled-up faces of the fans that were stunned into silence. You'll see the dejected players walking off the field embarrassed and defeated. The victor will savor this moment. 

The Philly fans are a different breed. They do play a large role in the game. Defeating them, taking them out of the game, would be a worthy goal for the 'Boys. 

Throwing a hush over the crowd at The Linc in Philly is yet another testimony as to why we love this game. Grabbing convincing control over the enemy and not letting go will accomplish this.  

However, Philadelphia's crowd just might not stay quiet very long, though, before it turns on their home team, to our delight.                           

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