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The Real Change

!Thursday's press conference was at Cowboys Stadium, which will house Friday's AT&T Cotton Bowl.

would still be in jeopardy. That's how upside down this season really was.  

It's one thing to have a bad season. It's another to have a bad season when you thought you were going to be good. And then there's 2010 - when you had a disastrous season when you thought it might end up glorious, or better yet super.  

I'm not trying to say that Jones or Garrett or anyone can just snap their fingers and fix the problems. It'll take little things here and there. Or things that appear to be small in the short term, but actually have some weight in the big picture.  

Things like wearing shoulder pads on Wednesday practices. All of a sudden, the team started to run the ball better in the second half of the season.  

Even smaller than that, how about stuff like dressing classier on road trips or standing as a team with your toes on the line for the national anthem. OK, so all of that stuff is what a Division III school in New Hampshire might do and it doesn't mean it has loads of talent.  

I get that, but the little things can be significant as well.  

So what I'm saying is, it all helps. Change the big things like giving more power to the head coach. Change the little things like the practice schedule and dress codes. 

But more than anything, make sure it changes this final record. Because without that, everything else becomes rather meaningless.                    

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