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The Right Rotation

  *Start Barber, let Felix rotate and play Choice on third downs.
  Start Felix, play Choice in the middle and let Barber finish them off.
  Let Choice start, play Felix on third-downs and Barber should be the closer.
  Start Barber, put Felix on third-downs and do nothing with Choice. * 

the series, despite their different styles of play. 

"Both of those guys are versatile backs," Witten said. "Felix just isn't an outside guy and Marion just isn't an inside runner. So, having those in between the series, it throws people off defensively. Both of them are protecting good and they both can run the ball, obviously. So when you've got the total package with both guys, it makes sense to get them both in there like that."  

Of course, this isn't just a two-man deal. There's a third head to this monster and Choice has earned his playing time. There're a lot of you out there who still feel Choice should get more snaps. There are some folks who think Choice is probably the most complete back of the three.  

Either way, he needs a few carries, too and the Cowboys have tried to get him more involved with the "Razorback." Banged up last week with a minor concussion, Choice didn't get any carries against the Eagles, but if he can return Saturday night, expect that to change. Don't forget, the Cowboys used Choice in the "Razorback" formation against the Eagles in the first meeting more than any other time this year, with Choice scoring a first-quarter touchdown from the direct snap.  

Somehow, with so many mixed opinions on these three backs and the order they should be playing, the Cowboys have found a way to make it work.  

The Cowboys don't have a back with more than 900 yards, yet they rank sixth in the NFL in rushing.  

We all had our opinions, but the Cowboys figured out the solution that seemingly has worked the best.  

Nothing flashy. Nothing that will get a running back in the Pro Bowl or even a 1,000-yard season. But it works and it's worked well.  

Just throw it into the pile of praise that seems to be building very rapidly this week.          

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