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These 5 Not Overlooked Here

league's best wide receivers?  

Well, some of that is probably Glenn's doing. He had some off-field issues during his Patriot days, and considering he's not the most talkative player to the media, even though he will talk to reporters when approached, he doesn't get the same attention.  

It almost seems like Glenn is forgotten when it comes to naming the top receivers in the league.  

But two reasons suggest why he should be.  

Ever since he single-handedly torched the Eagles back on Oct. 9, teams have started playing him differently. You're not seeing too much single coverage on Glenn anymore. And when it happens, like it did late in last Monday's game in Philly, he quickly burned the cornerback for a 20-yard touchdown.  

And secondly, Glenn's numbers speak for themselves.  

He's first in the NFC with an 18.8-yard average per catch, second only to Randy Moss (19.7) in the NFL. That's right, Glenn and Moss right up there at the top of the league.  

No other stat is more defining for a playmaking receiver than average per catch.    

2. Anthony Henry - Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said it best about Henry.  

"I really didn't know who the guy was when we signed him," Witten admitted. "But he's one of the best corners in the league and he's playing real well right now. If you asked people to name the Top 10 cornerbacks in the league, nobody would probably say his name. But to me, he's in there."  


I'll confess as well. Wasn't too sure about the $10 million bonus the Cowboys shelled out to a player the Browns were willing to let go. Even early in the summer mini-camps, Henry wasn't overly impressive.  

But he stood out in the first preseason game with six tackles, showing a physical presence we haven't seen from the cornerback position in several years. And then he shined in the opener against San Diego, and hasn't looked back since.  

A few more interceptions, especially some on national television, and the Pro Bowl shouldn't be out of the question for Henry.    

1. Keyshawn Johnson - Seems odd anyone who has been called "Me-Shawn" can still be underrated? That's right, Mr. Self-Proclaimer himself is the most underrated player on this team. That's because just about all the stuff he says to pump himself up is true.  

We always hear Keyshawn talking about "all the things" he does, more than just catching passes. And he's right.  

Anyone catch that block he made on Marion Barber's 26-yard run late in the fourth quarter against the Eagles? And if you ask yourself, "Which one?", then you did see the play. Because Johnson made two blocks on Barber's run, getting one Eagles player out of the way at the line of scrimmage then sprinting ahead of Barber to knock another to the ground.  

OK, what about the 58-yard reception to Peerless Price? Notice where Keyshawn lined up?  

That's right, with his hand on the ground just outside the offensive tackle ready to take on any blitzer off the edge. Now, the Eagles didn't send anyone on that play, but it wasn't the first time Johnson has been asked to help max-protect, and likely won't be the last.  

But he's not just a blocker. He does his real job rather well, too. He just so happens to lead the team with 42 receptions and five touchdowns.  

Keyshawn has proven to be a viable option in the red zone, catching all five of his touchdown passes this year from inside the 20-yard line. And two of those occurred in the final four minutes of games, helping the Cowboys knock off the Chargers and 49ers.                      

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