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Time To Provide The Proof


  That's what this team is supposed to be. That's what it was supposed to be in Arizona and St. Louis, too, but it wasn't. That's why they're going to have to show me. 

  Actually, that's not right. They don't have to show me squat. I'm just a fan who doesn't have to pay for his ticket to the game. They don't even have to show you, even though you're the ones who buy the tickets and the jerseys and the sponsors' products. 

  They need to show the guy who signs their paychecks that they're worth it, and they need to show themselves. 

  Things are not going to be perfect. Now Austin has suffered a new knee injury. Maybe he'll be back for Pittsburgh. Maybe he won't. 

  Now Coach Wade Phillips reports rookie sensation Felix Jones has suffered a setback in his rehab from the hamstring injury. The whispers in the Valley Ranch hallways are that Felix isn't coming back anytime soon. That really IS too bad. But it's football.  

  I can tell you with absolute certainty that this team can run the table. It can finish 12-4. 

  It can also go out and poop on the rug again Sunday and lose to the 49ers. We know it's possible. We've already seen it this season.  

  About the only thing it's hard to imagine happening with this season is catching the Giants, and that's just because the defending champions have a three-game lead with six to play. It's not enough for Dallas to win, the New Yorks have to lose to be caught. 

  But that's out of the Cowboys' hands. They can't worry about that, just like they can't worry about catching Atlanta or Minnesota in the wild card race or how they stand vis-à-vis Carolina, because they don't play those people. 

  What they can do is worry about the San Francisco 49ers, and they ought to think about the Rams and Cardinals when they lace up their shoes Sunday. They can only worry about putting every game in the "W" column and see if there are enough of them at the end to get to play an extra game.  

  This team needs consistency. It needs to play with the urgency in each of the final six games that they did in the last one. You might not be able to do that 16 times, but you ought to be able to do it six. If they do that, it's a great season and all things are possible. If they don't, it's basketball season. 

  Pass the pudding.                                                                                       

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