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Times Up: Quit Moping

removed from a loss that they'll still taste with breakfast Sunday, Glenn overheard three reporters near his locker doing an MNF re-hash, and he jumped in to stand up and take the blame for the final score, and to chime in on strategy. Until, that is, he interrupted himself, "Man, I don't know why I'm even talking about this. Y'all didn't even ask me anything." 

We know why you're jumping in, Aaron. You're jumping in because that loss Monday was so improbable, you're certain the next time you put on the tape, it'll turn out differently. 

Which is why you have to love Keyshawn "Demosthenes" Johnson, who can't help telling the truth, or at least his version of it. Johnson reported making three separate visits to Valley Ranch on Tuesday's off day. He was too upset to stay away. 

So how about that 24 hour rule, Key? Can you really put the game out of your mind, or is that just fertilizer? 

"That's (fertilizer)," My Man chirps. "You're damn right I'm gonna remember that game, until the next time I win."                       

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