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Top 60: Revealing Greatest Cowboys of All-Time

Top 60: Revealing Greatest Cowboys of All-Time

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This entire year, the Cowboys are celebrating a full 60 seasons of Cowboys football.

Established in 1960, here were are in 2020 and there have been countless moments, memories, accomplishments and of course, great players.

This is where we honor the greatest Dallas Cowboys players in the history of the franchise.

A 14-person panel was selected to vote on their Top 60. We've compiled the list and this week, we will reveal the 60 greatest players to ever play for the Cowboys.
Today, we complete the list with the Top 10. Every member of the list has already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So there might not be any major surprises about who made it, just the order of rank.

Who is No. 1 of all-time? Could it be Roger Staubach? What about Emmitt Smith or Mr. Cowboy Bob Lilly?  

Here is the entire list of Top 60 Cowboys in franchise history.

We've count down the Top 60 players in franchise history and we're finally at the end. Who is the great Dallas Cowboys player of all-time? Our panel has ranked them in order. Find out who's No. 1.


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