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Training Camp Preview: Print & Digital On Sale!

2020 Training Camp(2560x1440)

Football is back, and so is the Official 2020 Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine Training Camp Preview!

Purchase the digital version for only $4.95 HERE and the print HERE.

This year's Training Camp Preview features:

  • Scouting Reports on every player going to camp, from past accomplishments to 2020 expectations
  • Breakdowns of each position, including:
  • What's New?
    What We Know
    Don't Forget About
    Ready to Compete
    Need to Figure Out
  • Just A Blue-Collar Guy: In-depth story on Mike McCarthy from his beginnings in Pittsburgh to becoming head coach of the Cowboys
  • A Cast Of Characters: A look back at the very first training camp for the Cowboys in 1960, one that featured brutal travel, the "Landry Mile" and Jungle Jamey
  • Our always-popular pullout poster with the 2020 schedule – the only place you can get it

Visit for more details. Get your copy today!