Tuesday Notes: Owens Back In Practice

"Getting done with two-a-days," he said with a laugh.

Position: Wide Receiver Height/Weight: 6-1, 206
Age: 24
College: Montana State
NFL Exp: Rookie
How Acquired: FA for '07
Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Fitting In: Jefferson is caught in a logjam for one of the final receiver spots. Terry Glenn's injury could open up a bigger opportunity for him during preseason play, but he will need some help along the way to make the final roster cut.
So Far: He has been working with the third team offense during training camp. Jefferson said it took some time to find a rhythm because the unit rotates the quarterback position between Matt Moore and Richard Bartel. But since then, he has settled in and been steadily improving throughout camp. He is one of the few fringe receivers with enough speed to compete in the NFL and has caught several deep passes in team drills.
Best Asset: Flexibility. Jefferson has pulled down multiple catches during camp that he had no business catching. His ability to stretch and move his body into position to make the catch might be the intangible that keeps him around.
You Should Know: Jefferson began his college career at the University of Arizona but transferred to Montana State for his senior year, where he received all-Big Sky Conference honors.
A Mouthful: "I was there like a lost puppy trying to find my way home." - Jefferson on his first mini-camp practice. -Mark Norris

Hot Stuff

Phillips said the anticipated heat at Texas Stadium for Thursday's game is of some concern, considering the Cowboys have been practicing indoors for two weeks in the highly air-conditioned Alamodome.

"Certainly I think it'll be a little different for them, and we'll have to watch them," Phillips said. "I don't worry about it like we're not going to be able to play because we have enough players. We have 85 players."

Phillips said some of the backups who are heavily involved on special teams will be challenged most by the heat. The projected temperature in Irving, Texas, for the 7 p.m. kickoff is 94 degrees, though on-field temperatures are expected to surpass 100 degrees.

The coach said trainers will encourage the players to hydrate heavily on Wednesday, and the process will continue Thursday and throughout the game to help avoid cramps and other effects of dehydration, though he doesn't know of any special remedies.

"I don't have any pickle juice," he said.

--Josh Ellis

Little Brother

While members of the media were cracking jokes about holding Phillips accountable for being 30 minutes late, Phillips was honoring a family commitment, at least in his eyes.

In town Tuesday was Houston Oilers Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell, whom Phillips fondly refers to as "my little brother" from their days together in Houston.

"We got to reminiscing a little bit, but it's great to see him here," said Phillips, who was a young assistant coach on dad Bum Phillips' coaching staff during Campbell's playing days. "He's a special guy in my life, and helped us play great defense [in Houston] because we didn't have to get on the field."

The wear and tear on Campbell's legs from his playing days has since recently confined him to a wheelchair, though Phillips said he's doing fine.

Phillips also offered an amusing story about Campbell, a vitally important part to that Oilers offense. One year for a fitness test, every player on the Oilers had to run a mile, and Campbell, who "wasn't really a miler" by Phillips' standards, stepped off track after only two laps. The media stampeded Bum Phillips to find out what he would do with Campbell for not finishing the mile.

According to Wade, his dad reportedly replied, "Hell, if it's third-and-a-mile, we won't give it to him, but we're going to give it to him the rest of the time."

--Zach Buchanan

Injury Update:
WR Terry Glenn, knee scope - 2 weeks (7/30)
CB Quincy Butler, pulled muscle - day-to-day (8/5)
DT Jason Hatcher, hamstring - day-to-day (7/30)
LB Greg Ellis, Achilles tendon - day-to-day (7/25)
WR Jamaica Rector, knee - day-to-day (7/31)
OL Steve Franklin, calf strain (8/3)
RB Alonzo Coleman, ankle - day-to-day
WR Isaiah Stanback, shin splints - active/non-football injury

Missed Practice:
WR Terry Glenn (knee)
CB Quincy Butler (pulled muscle)
OL Steve Franklin (calf strain)
DT Jason Hatcher (hamstring)
LB Greg Ellis (Achilles tendon)
WR Jamaica Rector (knee)
RB Alonzo Coleman (ankle)
WR Isaiah Stanback (shin splints)

Returned to Practice:

Short Shots

Fox broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, along with sideline reporter Pam Oliver, were in attendance Tuesday to watch practice in preparation for Thursday night's nationally-televised game against the Colts . . . Former Cowboys practice squad quarterback Matt Baker, released just a few days into training camp and who had cleared waivers, was signed by the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday . . . Punter Sam Paulescu, released by the Cowboys over the weekend, cleared waivers on Tuesday and is a free agent.

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