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Tyson Could Be Cure-All

injuries in that street fight following the Sunday night game. 

"They are more of a zone team than a man team," said Bledsoe, anticipating more cover-two. "What they do, if they choose to play us differently, I don't know." 

If that's how they play, then the Seahawks are gambling the Cowboys will run out of downs before they run out of field. If the Cowboys are to go 80 yards, the Seahawks want them to do that in like 12 to 14 plays. No big chucks. 

How do you combat that? Run the football. 

See, if you are able to run the football, then it's much easier to sustain drives. And if you can run for big chunks, then the safeties can't continue to play so deep. 

Enter Thompson. Its' doubtful the Seahawks are overly concerned with Anthony Thomas. He's got 61 yards on 30 carries. No need to walk a safety up to stop him, it would seem. And Marion Barber is the nickel guy, and you probably don't want him with 20 to 25 carries anyway. 

But Thompson, now this kid can run. He can make a defense respect him. He can make a defense pay for not doing so. But the thing is, Thompson has to get himself on the field. 

"Now he can run the ball," Parcells said. 

It's the other stuff, though, concerning Parcells. You know, when Thompson doesn't have the ball in his hands, and because he made three mental errors during the walk-through practice last Saturday, Parcells had second thoughts about how much he could use him against the Giants. And he barely did, limiting him to just three carries. 

So Coach, how's he doing this week? Grasping things a little bit better? 

"He's doing a little bit better," Parcells said, but knowing it's hard to gauge the hometown kid's confidence. "The highway could collapse in front of Tyson, and you'd never know. His expression remains the same." 

But oh if he was ready to run the ball. If he was ready to get about 40 plays. That would take some of the pressure off protecting one or the other young tackles. Even both. That would open up things in the passing game, for tight end Jason Witten, too. 

And most of all, that would allow the Cowboys to possibly control time of possession, which in turn would keep Seattle's offense off the field, an offense Parcells has raved enough about the past two days some were beginning to think this was a snow job. 

"Hey, I'm not crying wolf here," Parcells said. "Just look at the stats. Case closed . . . I like their team." 

He'd like his own better if Jones could play. He'd like his own better if Flozell was out there, and Patrick Crayton, too. And he'd probably like his own better if his best option at backup tackle going into this game wasn't a guy who will have practiced three times since Aug. 27. 

Problem is, two of those players definitely won't be out there, and one still is highly questionable. And I'm guessing Ethan Brooks is his backup on three days of work. Not good. Not good at all. Thus, the bleeding. 

But nothing the Cowboys couldn't clot with a heavy does of Tyson . . . if he's ready.   


!   What else does the ability to run the football do for you? Check this out about Seattle: Only eight times in 67 drives has the Seahawks offense gone three-and-out - and only three times in the past four games. That's means they are chalking up first downs, thus holding onto the football. 
!   Oh, and here is another, results according to Bill: Teams with the most carries in a game this season are 77-9, which makes sense though, since you're probably not trying to run the ball when you're in the lead. Then again, your ability to run the ball probably has something to do with having the lead in the first place. 
!   And the score . . . the only thing better for me than predicting the Cowboys' results correctly in consecutive weeks for the first time this year -

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