Undrafted FA Cap A Blow To Cowboys

The Cowboys have a history of hitting on undrafted players in recent years, from Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Stephen Bowen to Barry Church, Danny McCray and Phil Costa.

Those success stories don't grow on trees, however.

Priority free agents cost money, and under the terms of last year's Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Cowboys and other teams now have less to spend on players who were not drafted.

Per the new rules, no team can grant more than $75,000 in signing bonuses to undrafted free agents over a three-year span.

For the Cowboys, who used to be one of the big-spenders after the conclusion of the draft, it's a setback. And now that the training camp rosters have expanded from 80 players to 90, it's even more difficult to fit everyone under the undrafted free agent cap.

The most likely result is teams offering little to no bonus to most players - camp bodies - while bidding wars are waged for the top undrafted talents.

It would behoove teams to only throw extra money at undrafted players they believe have a real chance to stick around.

The Cowboys and other teams will begin putting together their class of rookie free agents immediately after the draft concludes on Saturday afternoon.

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