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Virtual Starters

!Scandrick will handle the slot receivers while Jones is the teams most dynamic player.

against three-wide sets the majority of the game, especially if they have a lead.

Scandrick is a huge part of the defense and not just because he's the third cornerback. It's because he's a really good third cornerback. Check that again, a good cornerback.

I know there are people out there who think Scandrick should and will one day be the starter along with Jenkins. There is something to that. Right now, Newman is playing at a Pro Bowl level and there's no need to change. There may not be a need to change for a few years.

But Scandrick can play. And in this defense, three corners is a must. That's why if something happens to any of the top three guys, I still think Alan Ball slides over first, even if he hasn't practiced it.

You just can't find a lot of guys to cover in the slot. Scandrick does it and actually likes it. Honestly, I think Scandrick is one of the most underrated players on this entire team. It's not just his play, but the attitude he brings. This guy doesn't just play with a chip on his shoulder, but a big bag of Doritos.

And just like Felix is virtually a starter on offense, Scandrick is the same defensively.

Without them, the Cowboys aren't the same at all. Proof once again this team needs more than the starting 11.

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