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!Roy Williams caught 21 passes for 306 yards and 5 TD's before Tony Romo was hurt in the sixth game.

Garrett took over. A tougher camp could be just the spark he needs.  

Mike Jenkins 

Yes, 2010 was tough on the starting right cornerback, worse than anyone could have imagined. But remember 2009? It wasn't that long ago. There's no reason Jenkins can't still be that player, especially if the entire secondary gets more help from the pass rushers.  

Stephen McGee 

Jon Kitna won't be around as a backup for Romo forever, and by the time he steps away, McGee should be very ready for the No. 2 role, with at least three years of seasoning under his belt. I know others disagree, but in my opinion he was pretty good last year, both in the preseason and those six quarters at the end of the regular season. The Cowboys knew he was going to be a project, but at this point he appears very much on schedule. Maybe he replaces Romo one day, or perhaps he could be flipped for premium draft picks. Either way, that "War Daddy" fourth-round pick in 2009 is an investment the Cowboys should continue to let mature. 

Igor Olshansky 

Economically speaking, Olshansky still makes plenty of sense. He's here on a really manageable deal, and though he does need to be more consistent than he was in 2010, he'll work as a two-down player. The possibility of other players leaving through free agency and some unproven guys at the bottom of the depth chart means the Cowboys should just hang onto him for now. 

Roy Williams 

More than any other time since the Cowboys made the trade to get him, Williams looked like a player in the first six games of 2010, finally displaying some level of a connection with Romo. The Cowboys need to see if that can be sustainable with a full season of Romo healthy, especially given the lack of proven options after the top three at receiver. Besides, it would cost less to keep him than to cut him. 

Sean Lissemore 

Unfortunately, injuries created a small sample size for Lissemore in 2010, but in his few opportunities when healthy, he did have some production in both the preseason and his two regular season appearances. It remains to be seen how the depth chart will look in training camp, but by not drafting a defensive lineman this year, the team needs to hang on to the youth already on board. 

Kevin Ogletree 

I realize he may not be the ideal special teams player, but as a receiver, Ogletree always seems to do something good when he gets in the game. He didn't take a step forward last season, but he may get more chances this year with Sam Hurd likely out of the picture and if rookie Dwayne Harris progresses slowly due to missed minicamps and OTAs. 

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah 

Like a few of these young guys, Owusu-Ansah flashed some ability when he did get in games, but injuries made the opportunities few and far between. He has looked fairly instinctive as a centerfielder, though, and unless the Cowboys make room in their free agency budget for two veteran safeties, they might just decide to let their numerous young guys compete for the job. Don't be surprised if Owusu-Ansah earns the same long look Ball got last year. 

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