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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

the Chiefs, who are eager to hire Edwards. But those talks likely have stalled because there are reports coming out of New York that Edwards has worn out his welcome with the Jets, and that he's gone one way or another. 

Chiefs president Carl Peterson is no dummy. Why pay for something (two draft choices) if you can get it free (Jets fire Edwards in the end). Maybe the Chiefs will just wait out the Jets. 

Also, there has been talk of Jets GM Terry Bradway also falling by the wayside if Edwards is gone. There could be two openings with the Jets. 

See where I'm going here? Who knows, maybe Parcells is keeping his eye on a job that would get him back closer to New York. Or maybe I've lived in Dallas far too long, and by osmosis all the conspiracy-theorist stuff which consumes this city has seeped into my bones. 

This is what happens when you wait, when you have too much time on your hands. The imagination grows fertile. There has to be some logical reason for whatever is going on. 

Or this might be as simple as Parcells having turned 64 and nearly finished building his home in Saratoga, N.Y., and wanting to return closer to his roots. That he indeed is tired of showing up at 2 a.m. on Christmas Day because his professional paranoia of not being ready for the next game becomes overwhelming. 

Because all I know, is that work is continuing out here. Plans are being made for training camp. Street free agents are being signed as futures. There are plans being made to sign a few more. Someone is making those roster decisions. 

And I'm guessing Parcells has not handed over the reigns to someone else while he kicks back in his office pondering his future or waiting for some epiphany to direct his next move. 

So again, we wait, as maybe does Jerry Jones, and if so, he is doing so this time around much more patiently than he did when Jimmy Johnson developed wander lust after winning consecutive Super Bowls. But being the good businessman Jones is, he will not be caught with his pants down if Parcells decides to walk. He's doing more than twiddling his thumbs, because he knows there are eight other teams out there now searching for a new head coach, and that a couple of them are even after his own guys. 

Jones has maintained this will all be cleared up and we'll know what's what sooner than later. Well, Friday is The Wait, Day Five. Sooner is about ready to turn into later.   


!   Sure the Cowboys missed the playoffs at 9-7, but did you know that the 12 teams qualifying for the playoffs posted the most combined wins (138) in the history of the NFL? Why 10 of the 12 teams finished with at least 11-5 records, and the other two were at 10-6. 
!   Oh that first Washington game. 
!   The Cowboys had interest in brining former TCU quarterback Casey Printers for a workout since the CFL star has a window of opportunity to sign with an NFL club. Printers, who plays for the B.C. Lions, has met with Miami and Kansas City, and supposedly St. Louis had some interest, too. But his agent figured Printers was not running a 40 for the Cowboys, so the visit hasn't yet materialized. 
!   Boy, I can remember a time when everyone wanted Jones to hire Tom Donahoe as the Cowboys general manager. After five years in Buffalo, Donahoe was fired in favor of bringing back 80-year-old Marv Levy. The Bills were 31-49 in those five seasons. 

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