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Ware's Ranking Soars In Alternative Top 100

The NFL Network's ranking of the top 100 players for 2012 is incredibly flawed. Of course it's impossible to get a consensus on something like that, and the entire idea is to stoke conversation, discussion and debate.

Yet everyone can agree, that list is bogus.

If it truly is voted on by the players, with no manipulation - which is awfully questionable, by the way - then they are misinformed. Tim Tebow is an interesting person, but he is not one of the 100 best players in this league. The series should've been canceled in year one when Donovan McNabb *of the Minnesota Vikings *was named a top 100 player.

So, it's worth applauding (or, in this case, linking to) anyone who will offer an alternative. Today, that person is Pete Prisco, the highly respected and somewhat edgy NFL columnist. Prisco's top 100 was cobbled together from his own opinion and conversations with scouts.

Now, obviously, it wouldn't be worth talking about in this space if not wrapped in the context of this is where he ranked the Cowboys. The big headline here is where DeMarcus Ware ranks.

Drumroll . . .

He's No. 3. In the entire league, only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are better players, according to this more reasoned ranking of the best of the best.

Ware ranks ahead of Calvin Johnson, Darrelle Revis, Drew Brees, Jared Allen . . . all of 'em.

Last year, the NFL Network put Ware 12th.

Here's where the rest of the Cowboys come in according to Prisco. No Jay Ratliff, no Sean Lee, no Miles Austin or Dez Bryant.

  1. OT Tyron Smith
  2. TE Jason Witten
  3. CB Brandon Carr
  4. QB Tony Romo 
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