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Watch Skins Head Left

when he went in for a series or two in the second half. Problem in that first half was Ware allowing himself to get collapsed inside. 

The tendency for that linebacker, who must either turn the play back inside where his middle-linebacker and safety pursuit will arrive or penetrate to the point of forcing the ball carrier further outside, is to peek inside. Bad move. Once his head gets inside the offensive tackle, he's toast. 

Now he gets, as they say, "washed" inside, which means if the wide receiver is doing his job on the corner, the running back has a whole lot of space to operate in against a linebacker and or safety. Ideally, if the linebacker holds his ground or better yet sheds the block, the back now has to cut inside or try to turn the corner. 

"Force and fill," Glover said of the run defense fundamentals. 

These are the growing pains of changing defenses; of changing a guy's position at the NFL level. But the tradeoff is this: Ware will get pressure on the quarterback. He did against the mobile Drew Brees. While the Cowboys' first draft choice didn't record a sack and had just two tackles, he was a step away from recording like three sacks in his first NFL game. 

Also, his athletic ability might further come into play this game since Washington quarterback Mark Brunell is left-handed. That means, if the Redskins roll out Brunell, chances are he's rolling to his left - into Ware territory - so he's not throwing against his body. The Cowboys probably like their chances with the 23-year-old Ware running with the 35-year-old Brunell, providing he reads the play correctly. 

Now it's only a matter of time before Ware begins to show up. You should hear how his teammates marvel at his speed and quickness; at his uncanny ability to make plays. 

And when he gets here, that bull's-eye just might change sides of the ball.   


!   There seems to be this perception the Cowboys must immediately play Peerless Price. But you get the feeling listening to Bill Parcells he doesn't share in that thinking; that the acquisition of the veteran receiver is more of a luxury than a necessity. Listen: "I just feel like we're going to need him. It's not likely to go like the script's written." Meaning, someone will get hurt, and he'll need a guy who once caught 94 passes in a season. 
!   Also, don't fool yourself. If Price is inactive Monday night, it won't be because he's not ready to play or doesn't know the Cowboys playbook. This is all about your game-day 45-man roster, and since Terrance Copper is an integral part of the coverage teams, it would be very hard to either sit him or keep five receivers active.
!   That the Cowboys have beaten the Redskins 14 of the past 15 times doesn't mean so much to Parcells. "We're playing Monday night," Parcells scoffed. "History doesn't mean anything in football." And if you're asking the Skins, they probably would tell you that six of the last seven of those victories were by no more than seven points. In fact, so were nine of the 14. 

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