What A Week

because he simply can't stop making that kind of tackle. He's been flagged for it four times since 2006, including three times this season, most recently last Sunday against Donovan McNabb and the Eagles.  

Williams has to know this has to stop. The Cowboys are counting on him to lead their defense. But he can't do it if he's not on the field.  

Who knows what the next horse-collar tackle will bring. Another suspension? Four games next time? It has to stop. 

The biggest question I have is whether Williams keep his aggressiveness but yet lose the tackling habit he can't seem to break    


Not all bad news for the Cowboys this week.  

The Pro Bowl rosters come out and the Cowboys have dominated the NFC squad with 11 selections.  

It's hard to get that many guys in, and seems like there were some snubs, too. But you would have to think, if Greg Ellis didn't make it this year, might he never? Say what you want, but Ellis is clearly having a "Pro Bowl" season. He was one of four first-alternates, meaning there is a chance he could still wind up in Hawaii. Not just for this season, but his entire career and being a team leader for a decade, no one deserves it more.  

Guess you could say the same for Terence Newman. Of all the guys who made it, I couldn't be happier for him, he probably feels like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.  

The only thing missing for him was national recognition and he finally gets it. Other than that, no real surprises except to see a backup running back going to the Pro Bowl. But we all know Marion Barber is much more than a backup. And as we get closer to the playoffs, I get the feeling we're going to start seeing that more and more.    


Another point on the Pro Bowl.  

I totally get the nice gesture the players, coaches, fans gave to the late Redskins safety Sean Taylor. I thought it was extremely classy that he was voted into the Pro Bowl. I would imagine the NFC will probably start only 10 players for the first play to honor Taylor.  

So I have no problem whatsoever in Taylor being on the team. I just wish the NFL would've extended the roster by one player, knowing they will have add another guy anyway.  

What a horrible week it already was for Williams. To make things worse, he gets left off the Pro Bowl roster for the first time in five years. But with Taylor being named to the team, we already know someone else is getting in.  

Williams is a first-alternate. It's likely that it will be him. It's just too bad the NFL couldn't have added him in initially. Don't understand that one.    


So Big Bill is at it again. 

Are we surprised? Actually, I am a little.  

I really didn't think Bill Parcells would be coming back to the NFL once again. Now, how it all went down with him saying he's probably going to Atlanta, then shocking them and going over to Miami, that wasn't too surprising. 

There's plenty of reasons why Miami is better than Atlanta. But having the No. 1 overall pick would probably do the trick for me.  

What will be interesting for me is just how Parcells handles the situation. He came to Dallas in 2003 and changed everything from the players and coaches to the temperatures in the training room. He's as "hands on" as it gets.  

So to think he's going to have a general manager and a head coach underneath him, I wonder how that's going to work. Sounds like a lots of chiefs and not enough Indians. Not saying Parcells will eventually return to the sideline, but I can only imagine it will call for some interesting drama down in Miami.    


And yes, finally, there is a football game this week.  

The Cowboys will arrive in Charlotte with all these distractions surrounding the team. The Panthers are coming off an upset home win over the Seahawks. So the Cowboys are reeling with a quarterback that's not focused on football? The Panthers are on the rise with a quarterback they stole from the Cowboys? Should make for a great game, right?  

Not really. This is the NFL. As soon as we think one way, we all get surprised.  

The Cowboys are simply better than the

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