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What Should've Been

!QB Jon Kitna congratulates Saints QB Drew Brees on the 30-27 win.

Saints would score just 30 points in the game, especially after reeling off 17 before most of you had even gotten your second helping.

I credit the Cowboys' defense for rising up - for the most part. They started getting more pressure on Drew Brees and forced some turnovers. Of course, when it mattered the most, they couldn't keep him down. I guess, that's what a great player does - makes plays in the clutch.

They've got that guy; he was just wearing a headset on this day. No, I'm not saying Romo is Brees. But everything Brees is for the Saints, that's what Romo has been for the Cowboys. It's tough to lose that guy, but Jon Kitna has performed as well as anyone could've hoped, if not better.

The Cowboys didn't lose the game because of Kitna. And they didn't lose the game because of their defense.

They lost because, at the end of the day, they're not as good as the Saints.

In the NFL, you are what you are. The Saints are 8-3. The Cowboys are 3-8. Watching Thursday's game, the Saints definitely didn't look five games better than the Cowboys. They weren't even five points better.

But then again, that's the reality. As tough and frustrating as it might be to accept.

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