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Wow Factor

good plays" - then you're crazy. His presence against a defense isn't the same as it is for Barber or Choice. Those guys are true running backs who can pound the rock. The ability Felix has to slip out of the backfield with a screen pass will keep the defense guessing all game. 

If you watch the Eagles or Saints play, you'll notice how difficult it is to blitz those teams because of Brian Westbrook and Reggie Bush. Just putting them in the backfield makes blitzing a crapshoot. Just when you think the outside blitzer is going to get there, the ball gets dumped over the rusher's head and now you've got a speed guy in the open field making plays.  

No defensive coordinator wants to see Felix Jones in the clear. So when he's back there, those linebackers and safeties have to take notice. And when he slips out of the backfield or sneaks through the line on a pass, the defenders in the middle of the field have to play him honest.  

On Tony Romo's touchdown pass to Jason Witten, not only did he have all day and night to make the play, but he checked through every read and waited for Witten to get open. And I'm not sure he ever really got open, but finally Romo just trusted Witten and fired the ball in there and hoped his All-Pro tight end would make the catch or no one else would. 

But if you noticed, Felix Jones was in the backfield on that play and quickly moved through the line, getting in position for a dump-off pass. And with that, you have to be aware of him.  

Sure, all third-down backs are that way, but there are two big differences with Felix and most other backs.  

For one, he really can take the ball 80 yards to the house at any moment. A lot of guys make that claim, but only a few of them are legit. So far, Felix has done enough in a short time to prove he's a real home-run hitter. 

The second difference for Felix is that he's a much better running back in the middle of the line than people give him credit. The reason the perception was there in the first place is that McFadden did most of that at Arkansas, just like Barber will handle the bulk of that here.  

But it's not that Felix never did it. He's scored a few touchdowns busting right up the middle, too. And the threat of that is not only different than a Reggie Bush or other little third-down guy, but it will allow the Cowboys to use play-action just because a fake to Felix up the middle can work, too.  

Two plays, 23 yards - decent amount of production in hardly any playing time.  

But the potential of Felix Jones, not to mention the expectations, is the reason why he is THE difference maker for this offense.          

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