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head coach will do as well as Tony Romo does. What, too simplistic? Sorry. But there is a measure of truth to that, because normally in the NFL, with maybe a few exceptions, as the quarterback goes, so goes the head coach. Look, I'm truly convinced Phillips will help this defense improve. History does mean something. It's just hard to win big in the NFL giving up nearly 22 points a game as the Cowboys did last year. But do you realize before the Cowboys gave up those 152 points in the final five games, they were giving up just 18 points a game? Those five points are huge, considering most teams set a 17-point goal. So, if Romo can put together a 16-game season at the same level of his 10 last year, this offense, health willing, should be pretty productive. In turn, Phillips will be pretty productive.

Will the Cowboys move Anthony Henry to safety?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggested that possibility following the season, but basically amended that suggestion the first of this month, saying he didn't think the team would go that route. Be honest with yourself, the Cowboys aside, which is easier to find, a safety or a cornerback? Me, I'd say safety. So you move Henry to safety and who's starting at cornerback opposite Terence Newman? Nate Jones? Jacques Reeves? Now a bunch of you will say, well draft one in the first round. Easier said than done. Now if a versatile DB should fall into your lap at No. 22, and he's by far the best player left on your board, then OK, take the guy, and consider the move. But it would be foolish to set anything in stone the end of March. Plus, you really have no idea how well Henry would play at safety. All you have to go on is what he did early in his college career. You might end up weakening one spot to get a push at another.

How is Greg Ellis doing?

Just fine, and I'm sure he thanks you for asking. Remember, the day the Cowboys signed Leonard Davis (March 5) was the first day Ellis was released to resume running after surgery to repair the torn Achilles' he suffered on Nov. 12. That means he's been running on a limited basis for 24 days. That's three weeks. Now from all indications, so far so good. But the Cowboys likely won't have a definitive answer until he's at least seven months or so removed from surgery. Who knows, maybe more. We're at like 3½ right now. Returning from a torn Achilles' is a delicate rehab, but let's remember, it's been 11 years since Kevin Smith tore his, and unfortunately for most of us, that's our reference point when it comes to Achilles' rehab consternation. There have been medical advances in a decade's times, and I'm guessing he has a much better chance of recovery since he doesn't have to backpedal, then turn and go with guys running 4.4 40's. Again, so far, so good, and while all indications suggest he'll be playing again in the fall, no one really knows for sure - yet.

Should the Cowboys draft a kicker?

Why? They have Martin Gramatica and Carlos Martinez, the former Dallas Desperados kicker, and Gramatica sure seemed steady last year. There was this perception that all you had to do was spend money on a kicker and your problems would be solved. We learned better last year. And there seems to be this perception that all you have to do is draft a kicker and your problems will be solved. Well, according to draft records, 18 kickers have been drafted since 2000. Of those 18 taken over the past seven drafts, only six kicked field goals last year in the NFL. Batting .333 is great in baseball, but not so good in the draft. Of those six, five of those are with the same team, and that includes Stephen Gostkowski, a rookie with New England last year.

Should the Cowboys move Roy Williams to linebacker?

For the umpteenth time, no. Thought we addressed this the Thursday prior to that Saints playoff victory over Philadelphia? He's not a linebacker. Not fulltime. Playing linebacker does not absolve you from having to cover in the passing game, but it does demand you shed 300-pound blockers to make tackles in the running game. Now the Cowboys experimented last summer in training camp with Williams playing one of the two inside 'backer spots in the nickel. That never came to fruition once the games


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