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Zeke Puts More Than Dak in the Kettle This Time


The front of the t-shirt said "Zeke Who?" Perhaps the back could've finished the sentence with "Donated another $150,000 to The Salvation Army."

The Cowboys running back announced on Tuesday that he donated the proceeds of the sales of "Zeke Who?" shirts that were made in light of Jerry Jones' playful comments back in the preseason when Elliott was in the middle of a contact dispute.

Zeke also donated $100,000 to The Salvation Army soon after he signed his contract.

"I got introduced to The Salvation Army through the Cowboys and just being around them and seeing the work they do, I really like the cause and I really like what they do for this community and I want to be a part of it."

"Thanksgiving is very important to The Salvation Army and it's very important to myself. Last year I threw my quarterback in the Kettle. This year we're throwing a little bit more into the Kettle."

Zeke picked up Dak Prescott and threw him into the Red Kettle in the end zone after a touchdown. He's also jumped in there himself two seasons ago.

Thursday's game with the Bills the annual Red Kettle kickoff for The Salvation Army, highlighted by the halftime show at AT&T Stadium with Ellie Goulding.