Mick Shots Podcast

Mick Shots: Super Perspectives

Feb 09, 2021

The Super Bowl reinforced lessons learned by the Cowboys this season, Bill's favorite moment and Mickey on Playoff Lenny. Then Drew's at long last inclusion into the Hall of Fame, and the best kept secret in quite some time. And for an added bonus, a look back during Black History Month.


Mick Shots: Football Potpourri

Feb 02, 2021

Getting you ready for Super Bowl LV, taking a walk down SB Memory Lane, The Trade, the delicate issue of signing quarterbacks, thinking behind Witten's decision to coach in high school and Drew Pearson's overdue selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Mick Shots: Other People's Struggles

Jan 26, 2021

The guys didn't waste any time analyzing the conference championship games, and decisions by Green Bay and Buffalo to attempt too many field goals instead of going for touchdowns. Then quarterback play, along with a quick look at the changes in this year's Senior Bowl already in progress.


Mick Shots: Cover Four

Jan 19, 2021

The guys covered all bases on Mick Shots, starting with Everson removing his "popcorn," then Bill giving his opinion on RPOs in the high school state title game's "Dodge Bowl,"to a rundown on the NFL playoff games, Mickey with a Cowboys coaching staff update and the picks for Sunday's conference title games.


Mick Shots: Full House

Jan 12, 2021

Might be the off-season, but the guys sure had a whole lot to talk about, between the Cowboys hiring Dan Quinn, a 4-3 defense, what had gone wrong, then why teams won in the playoffs, the national championship game and their picks for the divisional round playoff games.


Mick Shots: Still Here

Jan 05, 2021

The Cowboys off-season officially is underway, but Bill, Everson and Mickey still are full of opinions and info for every Cowboys fan, discussing the integrity of the game, what owner Jerry Jones had to say on Tuesday, how this is a QB-driven league, the coaching staff and where Jason Garrett might land.


Mick Shots: The Bitter End

Jan 04, 2021

The guys break down what went wrong in the loss to the Giants, but agree the game was a mere microcosm of the entire season, but 6-10 for the Cowboys. They also have strong feelings on the non-challenge controversy, seemingly certain that catch would not have been overturned on video review. Don't forget, Mick Shots, now every Tuesday at 11:30 in the off-season.


Mick Shots: Happy New Year

Dec 31, 2020

The New Year's Eve celebration began early with Nate Newton joining Everson and Mickey for the final show of 2020, taking a look at the Cowboys injury situation, the Giants, Philly vs. Washington and turning the clock back 30 years ago today when the Cowboys at 7-9 almost snuck into the playoffs. Ya'll be safe now.


Mick Shots: Under-the-Radar

Dec 30, 2020

The Cowboys returned to practice on Wednesday, so the crew started getting you ready for Game 16 vs. the Giants, complete with an injury report, their picks of this year's under-the-radar players, just how much Philly might be into Sunday's game vs. Washington, and what's going on with the WFT QB situation.


Mick Shots: Nitty-Gritty Time

Dec 29, 2020

Yes, it's the final week of the season, and the Cowboys have stayed alive. What's next for OC Kellen Moore? A little Bill Belichick phone throwing. Zeke on competing. Jerry on Zack Martin's injury. And how coaching decisions and game plans have affected this three-game winning streak.


Mick Shots: Victory Monday III

Dec 28, 2020

And the Cowboys beat goes on, the guys point out all the differences in these three consecutive wins. How 'bout those takeaways. How 'bout the NFC East becoming relevant again. How 'bout Randy Gregory, Michael Gallup, Dandy Dalton, Amari Cooper and the resurgent defense.


Holiday Special: Understanding Their Roles

Dec 24, 2020

Mickey Spagnola, Isaiah Stanback, Hekma Harrison and Newy Scruggs come together for a holiday special podcast to break down the latest Dallas Cowboys news and make their predictions for #PHIvsDAL and more.


Mick Shots: Merry Christmas

Dec 23, 2020

A festive show from the guys, all dressed for the occasion , but still talkin' football, with an injury update, the problems having to deal with Jalen Hurts, the last time the Cowboys played the Eagles, Jerry on Dak's deal and since this is the last show before the game, picks to click and game predictions.


Mick Shots: Topical Tuesday

Dec 22, 2020

The crew takes on today's hotĀ topics, starting with the Pro Bowl, past, present and future, along with the NFL doing the right thing pushing back the start of Sunday's Washington Football Team's game. Then the WFT QB situation and the Cowboys hands full with Philly QB Jalen Hurts.


Mick Shots: Returning Gifts

Dec 21, 2020

The Cowboys have given out so many "gifts" this season with all those turnover. Well, finally they received some in return, beating San Francisco and staying alive in the NFC East Race. Fists bumps handed out to Kellen Moore for his creativity, the defense for four takeaways and sneaking in some college football talk.


Mick Shots: Game Ready

Dec 18, 2020

A deep dive into the Cowboys injury update, including relaying Dr. Jones' prognosis on Zeke's availability. Then an even deeper dive into the impact of turnovers and emphasizing once again how the NFL is a quarterback driven world. And of course, those all-important predictions.


Mick Shots: Old & Older Days

Dec 17, 2020

While so many want to talk to Everson about that Cowboys-Niners rivalry, thinking it began with "The Catch," it actually began in the early '70s. But both teams have injury concerns going into this one, the Niners on offense and the Cowboys in the secondary. Even Bear Bryant somehow snuck into the conversation.


Mick Shots: Breaking Down

Dec 16, 2020

This was Break-Down Wednesday for the crew, Everson and Mickey debating how much the off-season created injury problems for the Cowboys, the current Cowboys injury situation, a Niners defense ripped by injuries and the age of this Cowboys roster Day 1 and right now for Game 14.


Mick Shots: All Over The Map

Dec 15, 2020

Once again, an eclectic show form the guys, discussing COVID-19 ramifications, that great MNF game, analyzing just what "cramps" mean, to the Cowboys injury situation, the secondary, the entire defense and L.P. Ladouceur prepared to set a Canadian record. All this in one show.


Mick Shots: Victory Monday?

Dec 14, 2020

Yep, the Cowboys finally won one, beat the Bengals. But the guys would have been more celebratory had Washington and Philly not won, too, preventing the Cowboys from picking up ground. At least there is thin hope still. And by the way, how many great teams are there in the NFL?