Mick Shots Podcast

Mick Shots: That's All Folks

Jan 17, 2022

This is certainly not the way the guys expected the season to end, but they explained the Cowboys only had themselves to blame for being in such a precarious situation in the final seconds. Then a deep dive into the final 40 seconds of the game, what went wrong and what the Cowboys might have done differently.


Mick Shots: Let Playoffs Begin

Jan 14, 2022

The excitement is high for Cowboys-Niners playoff game. Health/injury report is good. The Everson-Dwight Clark association lived on. Cowboys on All-Pro team. Micah for Rookie of Year. Dak for Comeback Player of Year. What Tony Romo has to say. Skyrocketing ticket prices. And no doubt those ever-valuable picks and to click.


Mick Shots: No Bullying Around

Jan 13, 2022

Serious business these playoffs, Cowboys in pads, COVID care, Parsons the Lionbacker and his importance in this playoff game against The Bullies from the Bay. Of course, some "Catch" and the difference between the Cowboys and Niners offensive lines. And never fear, Will McClay ain't going anywhere.


Mick Shots: Fired Up

Jan 12, 2022

The guys are back together again, kinda, and the energy picks up playoff week. Complete with a practice and health update, a weird West Coast analysis of Diggs, a meaningful return for Gallimore and growing media confidence over the 49ers chances, along with Everson at a South Oak Cliff football celebration.


Mick Shots: Playoff Fever

Jan 11, 2022

Never fear, Mick Shots is here, even if Mickey is remoting in, Bill away on TV assignment and Kyle pitching in out of the bullpen, so Everson holds down the fort. But as usual, a lot of ground covered, talking playoffs, CFP title game, what San Francisco poses, Cowboys health update, coaching carousel spinning and return of the fullback.


Mick Shots: Let The Fun Begin

Jan 10, 2022

On to the playoffs for the Cowboys, taking care of business against the Eagles, earning the NFC third seed, now facing the 49ers, waking up ghosts of playoffs past, health update, that Raiders-Chargers thriller and the 40-year anniversary of that memorable Niners playoff game Everson was a huge part of.


Mick Shots: Thursday Is Friday

Jan 06, 2022

Since the Cowboys are playing Saturday night, in the Cowboys world Thursday was really Friday, no practice. But no lack of news, with two more players going on Reserve/COVID, looking at backups to step up, the Eagles offense, playoff possibilities and Everson joins us driving to San Antonio help coach at the high school National Combine.


Mick Shots: Around The Horn

Jan 05, 2022

Covered a lot of ground today, dealing with Micah Parsons' positive COVID test and ramifications to the Cowboys linebacker corps, what day the Cowboys might play the first-round playoff game, COVID affecting the final game of the regular season and penalties disrupting the Cowboys offense.


Mick Shots: What Day of the Week Is It?

Jan 04, 2022

The guys try and figure out what day of the week as the Dallas Cowboys adjust their practice schedule as they prepare to end the regular season on Saturday Night in Philadelphia.


Mick Shots: Too Delicate

Jan 03, 2022

The guys had demands today. Everson wants the Cowboys to be more aggressive. Says their "too delicate" offensively starting games. Mickey wants a play-clock buzzer to go off to identify delay of game penalties, like the NBA. And Bill wants this defense to get more stops, to get off the field in late-game critical situations when trailing. What you want?


Mick Shots: Eclectic Thursday Talk

Dec 30, 2021

Talk about covering a lot of ground, the guys kicked off with a little bowl game talk, the CFP semifinal game being played AT&T Stadium, just where Cincinnati's Bearcats name came from, the Cowboys defense's propensity giving up big plays now facing a big-play cardinals offense, game predictions and picks to click. Stay with us.


Mick Shots: Madden Memories

Dec 29, 2021

Time for Bill and Mickey to recount their brushes with John Madden, who passed away on Tuesday at 85. Also a practice report, injury and COVID updates, and the fact this Cowboys presumptive starting offensive line finally will be the offensive line Sunday in Game 16.


Mick Shots: Terrific Tuesday

Dec 28, 2021

The guys surprise podcast mate Everson Walls on his 62ned birthday with 11 mini cupcakes, representing his franchise record 11 interceptions in 1981 that Trevon Diggs tied on Sunday. Eleven for 11. Then it was on to the anniversary date, Dec. 28, 1975, of the famed Hail Mary completion between Hall of Famers' Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson in the playoff game at Minnesota


Mick Shots: Up Against The Walls

Dec 27, 2021

How great is this, Mick Shots gets the first interview with Everson Walls after Trevon Diggs tied his Cowboys single-season interception record at 11 Sunday night against Washington. Our podcast teammate couldn't have been any happier for the Cowboys corner, not only raising his name but that of Mel Renfro's, Lester Hayes and Dick "Night Train" Lane.


Mick Shots: Setting The Record Straight

Dec 22, 2021

So, after Philly beat Washington Tuesday night, the guys lay out the three scenarios for the Cowboys to wrap up the NFC East Division title Sunday night. They also give their Cowboys Pro Bowl predictions ahead of Wednesday night's announcement and put some context into Mel Renfro's 10 picks in 1969.


Mick Shots: Setting The Stage

Dec 21, 2021

With no Bill today, Everson and Mickey set the stage for what it will take for the Cowboys to clinch the NFC East, including the long shot of WFT and Philly tying Tuesday night. Then get into who the top teams in the NFC have yet to play and preview some of the Pro Bowl voting.


Mick Shots: Marching Forward

Dec 20, 2021

Third straight Monday with Stampede March, the rare streak of three wins in three consecutive games on the road. The offense, the defense, Trevon Diggs' 10th pick, but Everson pointing out no matter what, his franchise rookie record still stands. Even a shoutout to South Oak Cliff High winning a state title.


Mick Shots: Eclectic Thursday

Dec 16, 2021

Talk about covering a ton of ground, the guys went from the cold front blowing in to a health update on the Cowboys and Giants, a practice update, the problems and opening in Jacksonville, the high school title games at AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys offensive woes and a couple of excerpts from player interviews.


Mick Shots: Windy Wednesday

Dec 15, 2021

With the winds whipping through The Star, the Cowboys moved their light practice indoors, but there was no lack of topics to cover, from COVID hitting the NFL hard this week, to the play of Anthony Brown, the Cowboys running game, what's going on with the offensive line and a whole lot on rookie Micah Parsons.


Mick Shots: Tuesday Tidbits

Dec 14, 2021

An early look at the NFC race, the Cowboys having the best conference record so far at 7-1 when comes to tiebreakers. Then a deep dive into this slumping offense, the lack of scoring in the red zone driving the OC crazy and much of this touchdown drought caused by the inability to effectively run the football, simple as that.