Mick Shots Podcast


Mick Shots: Cards On Deck

Oct 14, 2020

Your first-place Dallas Cowboys are on to the Arizona Cardinals and so is the crew, talking a whole lot on a couple of Arizona Texans, QB Kyler Murray and HC Kliff Kingsbury, along with no DE Chandler Jones and emphasizing how this Cowboys defense needs to continue stepping forward.


Mick Shots: Happy 78th

Oct 13, 2020

This show was packed with info, the guys lecturing Everson about being on time, updates on Dak's surgery, too bad for Trysten Hill, Andy Dalton being signed for just this very situation, who is Garrett Gilbert and finally wishing owner Jerry Jones a happy 78th birthday.


Mick Shots: Bitter Sweet

Oct 12, 2020

Sure is hard for the Cowboys to celebrate a victory knowing they lost Dak Prescott for the season, and the guys talk about the outpouring of emotion most us of had watching Dak writher in pain, but how about Andy Dalton, CeeDee Lamb and a resurgent defense.


Mick Shots: Football Friday

Oct 09, 2020

We start with OU-Texas, Bill wearing his Sooners hat, then bemoan the loss of Tyron Smith, heading into surgery, and just what the Cowboys will do trying to replace both starting OTs, how they might adjust their scheme and finding a backup center, along with the always picks to win and picks to click.


Mick Shots: Giant Shots

Oct 08, 2020

A locked and loaded show today, discussions about Cowboys player injuries, surprise report on Tyron Smith's neck condition, what Jason Garrett had to say today his knowledge of Dallas personnel and what the Cowboys must beware of with the 0-4 Giants.


Mick Shots: Newcomers

Oct 07, 2020

A day of personnel progress for the Cowboys, with conditionally-suspended Randy Gregory moving into practice, Leighton Vander Esch ramping up his rehab and Anthony Brown able to practice, too. Plus, what happens at right tackle and debunking a theory Cowboys don't value defensive personnel.


Mick Shots: Mr. Fix-Its

Oct 06, 2020

After having a chance to watch the All-22, the crew came up with their ideas on how to fix this sagging Cowboys defense, praised the play of Tyron Smith and rookie center Tyler Biadasz and found another next-man-up candidate who just might start against the Giants.


Mick Shots: What The What

Oct 05, 2020

So much to discuss, so little time, but the Shots were flying this Monday afternoon, the crew breaking down how the Cowboys gave up 307 yards rushing in the loss to the Browns, that leading to the Browns scoring 49 points. Everson on the DBs, Mickey on the turnovers, Bill trying to keep order.


Mick Shots: It's Friday, Friday

Oct 02, 2020

That means the crew is getting you ready for Browns-Cowboys on Sunday, Mickey pointing out time for the Cowboys to clean up, Everson centering on the cornerback play and new starter Daryl Worley and Bill explaining in depth two of the turnovers at Seattle, plus, of course, their picks.


Mick Shots: Browns Heavy

Oct 01, 2020

Playing the 2-1 Browns sent Bill, Everson and Mickey down double-wide Memory Lane, then went deep into the Cowboys offensive line and emphasized how important stopping the run Sunday will be. But leave it to Bill to set up Friday's show with a podcast- ending tease.


Mick Shots: Gotcha Covered

Sep 30, 2020

How COVID-19 is affecting the NFL. An update on Cowboys injuries, including Tyron Smith. The Cowboys need to hang onto the football, and where they rank when it comes to turnovers. Plus, here comes those runnin' Cleveland Browns.


Mick Shots: Mop-Up Tuesday

Sep 29, 2020

The crew is rolling, starting with discussion on COVID-19 outbreak at Tennessee and consequences, Mickey pointing out defense giving up too many chunk plays, Everson railing on lack of interceptions and Bill coming up with DB trivia. Oh, and had time to lament Stars falling short.


Mick Shots: Cleaning Up

Sep 28, 2020

Another heart-breaking loss for the Cowboys, but the crew knows they only had themselves to blame for an array of mistakes ultimately costing them the game. But between an somewhat improved pass rush, Aldon Smith, Dak and the offense, there were some positives overshadowed.


Mick Shots: Game Time

Sep 25, 2020

From Picks to Click, game predictions, an extensive two-team injury update and just what it's going to take if the Cowboys are to pull off a win in Seattle, Bill, Everson and Mickey are in Cover Three form preparing you for Sunday's game against the 2-0 Seahawks.


Mick Shots: Bird Watch

Sep 24, 2020

A loaded Mick Shots, complete with injury reports for the Cowboys and Seahawks, Everson giving his thoughts on the Seahawks after re-watching the game with New England and Mickey emphasizing this Seattle defense doesn't resemble the Legion of Boom.


Mick Shots: On The Corner

Sep 23, 2020

The first shot is on the cornerback problems, with Anthony Brown already on IR and now Chidobe Awuzie likely out for multiple weeks, so Bill Everson and Mickey discuss what the plans might be to replace them while giving their respects to Gale Sayers.


Mick Shots: Week 2 Review

Sep 22, 2020

A global view on rash of injuries and level of officiating league wide, before Bill, Everson and Mickey launch into their key moment in the Cowboys victory and Mickey going off on those who insist the Cowboys didn't deserve to win Sunday's game over the Falcons.


Mick Shots: Coming Way Back

Sep 21, 2020

All hands on deck for the Cowboys in one of the most improbable wins in franchise history, with Bill, Everson and Mickey breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly, while passing out pats on the back to Dak, CeeDee, Zuerlein, Joe Thomas and a porous defense finally making a stop.


Mick Shots: Last Call

Sep 18, 2020

The crew gives it to you straight on the Cowboys injury front at offensive tackle, definitely a concern, point out the ramifications of starting a season 0-2 and Bill, Everson and Mickey take their best shots at predicting Cowboys-Falcons and Pick-to-Click.


Mick Shots: Almost Falcons

Sep 17, 2020

Well, while time to move on to the Falcons, the crew broke down reasons for why the fourth-and-three play from the Rams game didn't work, put their take on pre-snap motion so many are eaten up with and Everson breaks down the coverage on Falcons WR Julio Jones.