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In case you missed it, Tony Romo sent shock waves through Twitter on Thursday by sending out his first tweet on the social media platform with the handle @tonyromo. The account says he joined in April 2008, but to my knowledge, this was the first time the account had been visible to the public.
His first tweet was simply his number 9.
Simple and to the point but it still garnered over 15,000 Retweets and Favorites.
Then on Friday, Romo lowered the boom with his second tweet…
This little opinion of the play in Green Bay has been retweeted over 38,000 times and has received 4.4 million impressions (number of times this tweet has been seen on Twitter).
In just over four days, @tonyromo has gained over 135,000 followers and has been mentioned over 75,000 times.
The only Twitter account that’s currently being followed by Romo is @GoNFFC, which is a fantasy football convention that Romo is headlining.  Romo hasn’t retweeted anyone, but has been active in the favorite department as he’s favorited 77 tweets so far.  Cowboys fans are anxiously awaiting to see who, if anyone, he follows next.
If you’ve spent any time around Romo, you know he has a great personality and he’s a genuinely funny guy.  If he allows just a glimpse of his personality to shine through on Twitter, this should be a great account to follow this season.    

It’s been a standing tradition with the Cowboys here recently that all rookies have to eventually earn their star.  When the rookies come into town this Thursday for the start of a rookie minicamp, they won’t receive a star on their helmet until they make the final roster at the conclusion of the preseason of their rookie year.

Randy Gregory decided to take matters into his own hands, forearm actually, and get his star before he is even signed with the team. 

Earlier today Gregory tweeted out photos of himself getting a star tattoo on his forearm with this message:

This immediately created a social media frenzy among Cowboys fans.  Take a look at some of the reaction:

Earlier in the week Gregory sent this out from his Twitter account:

On his initial call with the team immediately after being drafted, Gregory told head coach Jason Garrett, “I’m going to make you proud coach, I can promise.”  Garrett passed the phone to defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, and Gregory had this message “Be hard on me, be hard as you can on me.”

Gregory has yet to put on a Cowboys uniform, but is making all the right moves so far off the field and quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Byron Jones’ draft day started out like any other hopeful draftee in attendance in Chicago.
By the end of the night, Jones was a Dallas Cowboy.
The draft is a magical time for many young men that have played football their entire life.  Anyone that has played football as a kid has dreamed of playing in the NFL.  Even when those dreams become reality, sometimes it’s hard to believe.
Jones’ new teammates were also watching the draft as the Cowboys made the selection with the 27th pick…
I’m sure we’ll see some interesting exchanges between Dez and Jones later this summer when training camp gets underway.
According to Mike McCord, the Cowboys equipment manager, Jones will wear #31.

This story starts with an exchange between a Houston Texans fan and one of their star players J.J. Watt, you may have heard of him.  I know, I know, but stick with me here, this story has a pretty cool ending.
Ashlee Sanchez is a Houston Texans fan that purchased tickets to Watt’s charity softball game that takes place this Friday, a five hour drive from her home town.  Other than the lengthy drive there’s one small catch, she purchased the tickets before she was hired for her new job.  So how do you ask your boss if you can miss work just four days after you start?  You take to Twitter and ask for a hand written excuse from the celebrity that’s hosting the event.
That’s just what Sanchez did, and to her surprise received a hand written note from Watt.
By now you’re probably wondering why this article is on the Dallas Cowboys’ website.  Eric Garza, Sanchez’s boss, approved her day off and had a message of his own for Watt.



Cowboys or Texans fan, this was a pretty cool thing for everyone involved.  Bravo to Watt for taking the time to interact with his fans via social media.  Bravo to Mr. Garza for allowing his newly hired employee to attend an event for a great cause and most of all, for representing his Dallas Cowboys.



Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon made an appearance on Showtime’s, The Jim Rome Show yesterday.  Nothing out of the ordinary as all potential first round draft picks are making the sports talk show circuit with the draft right around the corner.  Gordon’s choice of attire however, was out of the ordinary as he sported a Cowboys t-shirt under a hooded sweatshirt.
Rome asked Gordon, “Are you rocking a Dallas Cowboys shirt right now?”, prompting nervous laughter from Gordon as he began looking down toward his chest.  Rome pressed Gordon to show him the shirt and he slowly unzipped his sweatshirt to reveal a navy star centered on a grey t-shirt.


Gordon went on to explain that when he paid a visit to Valley Ranch earlier this month they gave him some gear.  He was wearing blue earlier in the day when he was working out and the Cowboys shirt was “in the bag” so he just put it on.
Is this some type of subliminal message from Gordon to Jerry Jones?  Probably not, but it still made for good TV for Cowboys fans that are still feeling the sting of the DeMarco Murray departure.  Check out the clip below.