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There’s no doubt when the Cowboys come to town, the stars literally come out.  Yesterday’s game in New York was no different as one of the biggest stars in the music industry showed up to watch the Boys take on the Giants.

About thirty minutes before the sidelines were cleared in preparation for the game, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter appeared out of the Cowboys’ tunnel.  Carter is the head of the full-service entertainment company, Roc Nation.  Roc Nation signed Dez Bryant as a client earlier this month.  They also represent Kevin Durant,  Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Ndamakong Suh among others.

Carter made his way to the Cowboys sideline where he spoke with Jerry Jones.  As the two were talking Dez Bryant made his way to the sideline to say hello.

The stars were definitely out in New York last night.

Coach Garrett arrived at Allianz Park today around 11am local time for his daily pre practice press conference.  Which is crazy to all of our staff because that’s 5am Dallas time.
The team arrived around 11:30am local time, got off the buses and headed out to the practice field.
Today was the first day that Tony Romo has practiced since arriving in London.
As the team took the field Jerry Jones spoke to the media as a group for the first time since arriving in London.  Here’s a look at the scene inside the press conference tent.
Roughly the first thirty minutes of practice are open to the media, after that everyone heads inside and begins working on their stories for the day.  Once practice has concluded, the media are allowed to talk to players as they leave the practice field.  Here’s a look at some of the interviews after practice, but first, here’s a look inside the food tent where players stop to get a “chicken in a box” before getting on the team busses.
The Cowboys had a familiar face at camp today as Michael Irvin was there covering the team from a media perspective.  After practice he spent some time with Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.
As I type this story our day is winding down here in London and its mind blowing to think that it’s not even 10am yet back home.  We’ll be up and at em around 3am Dallas time again tomorrow!  Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more behind the scenes photos @dallascowboys.

Yesterday we hit the ground running in London, literally.  Immediately after making our way through customs, we boarded buses that would take us to Wembley Stadium for a youth NFL Play 60 event.  The event lasted roughly two hours, then the players headed across the street to the team hotel.
The rest of the player’s day was spent acclimating to the time change and resting.
Today was the first somewhat normal day of our time in London.  In the morning players lifted, had meetings and had a walkthrough before heading to the team buses.  Once on the buses they took about a 30-minute ride to Allianz Park where the Seracens Rugby Club practices and trains.
Other than the setting, it looked like any normal practice day.  The temperature was around 46 degrees and the skies were overcast.
After practice, there was a tent with a podium and a chandelier (nice touch London) for the media to conduct interviews.
The media were also grabbing players as they were walking to the buses from the practice field.
A small tent was set up where players exited the field serving sandwiches and drinks for the bus ride home.
As Coach Garrett left the field, a fan stopped him and showed him how dedicated he was to the team.  A Cowboys Star tattooed on his calf.
Cowboys fans truly are everywhere.
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When NFL games end players from both teams usually meet at mid-field to catch up with former teammates and old friends for a few moments before heading to their locker rooms.  As the social media “guy”, I typically walk out with the team and try to capture some of these moments for our social media accounts.  I’ve seen players pose for pictures, swap jerseys, I’ve even see them swap shoes before.  On Sunday, I saw something for the first time.
Usually players go to mid-field and if they don’t see someone they are looking for they will head back to their locker room, not the case with Larry Fitzgerald.  He shook hands and hugged several guys from the Cowboys and looked around for Jason Witten.  Witten had already headed back toward the locker room on the Cowboys’ side of the field and was almost to the player tunnel when Fitzgerald spotted him.  Fitzgerald yelled at Witten from mid-field and started walking his direction at a fast pace.  Witten turned around and the two exchanged pleasantries and went their separate ways.
I was able to capture it in a photo and posted it to the Cowboys’ Twitter account.
Totally normal, what happened after that was not.  Fitzgerald responded a couple of hours later with his own tweet.
Not only did Fitzgerald respond, he did it directly to the Cowboys’ team account, not retweeting it for the world to see or for fanfare, but just to let the organization know how he felt about Witten.
Both players are class acts and it was on display after Sunday’s game.