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Football is a tough sport and one thing you learn when you’re around it is guys play hurt all the time.  You almost never hear them complain or make excuses, it’s part of the culture.  If you get hurt, you play through it if you can, and take care of it when the season is over.  That appears to be the case with Jeremy Mincey

Yesterday,’s David Helman reported that Mincey was to undergo surgery today but the reason wasn’t clear.  According to Jeremy’s Instagram account, he had bone fragments removed from his arm earlier today and is on the road to recovery.

If you want to wish Mr. Mince a speedy recovery, send him a tweet at @MrMince94

Yesterday’s game didn’t have the ending that Cowboys fans had hoped for.  Instead of travelling to Seattle for a winner takes a free trip to Phoenix rematch with the Seahawks, the Cowboys found themselves cleaning out their lockers today at Valley Ranch. 

As heartbreaking as the loss was, a few players wanted to let Cowboys fans know how much they appreciated their support throughout the season.  Here are what some of the guys had to say on Twitter.

A lot of pro athletes are into some serious fashion, not only off the field but on the field as well.  With the NFL’s tight restrictions regarding on-field uniform alterations, players are somewhat restricted when it comes to being fashionable on game day.

Some players accessorize with wristbands, towels, bracelets, necklaces and such - all small pieces to the game-day fashion puzzle.

One league approved article of clothing that is quickly becoming a way for players to express themselves on Sundays is the shoe. 

When watching football on television or from the stands, there are details you just don’t catch.  We thought it would be a great behind the scenes piece of content to show you some of our favorite shoes that were seen on game day this season.  Check them out.



Today we held our fifth player Twitter Q&A session of the season.  We sat down with Orlando Scandrick and answered fan questions submitted with the hashtag #AskOrlando.

Some of the more interesting questions answered had to do with a couple of well-known receivers in the league.

When asked who the fastest receiver he’s covered, Orlando responded with this.

He also said they carry on normal conversations on the field.  Next time you see them jawing at each other during a game, it may not be what you think.


Scandrick said Odell Beckham Jr. talks more trash than any receiver on the field but has also been the toughest matchup he’s faced.


Here are some more of our favorite questions and answers from today:

Hardest receiver to cover:


Favorite game moment so far this season:


Most memorable moment as a pro:


And the answer all Cowboys fans wanted to see:


You can view the entire conversation on our Twitter feed and follow us at @dallascowboys

There’s a new craze sweeping Cowboys Nation this week, “Romoing”.  If you haven’t seen the photo from Sunday’s game yet, here it is…

It happened right after Tony Romo’s pass to Terence Williams in the 4th quarter.

It’s taken on a life of its own with Cowboys fans in the same vein as “Planking” or “Dufnering”.  We noticed a trend Monday across social media, here are a few tweets from the last couple of days.

Here at Valley Ranch we decided to get in on the act of #Romoing and here are the results.

We want you to get in on the act too.  Send us photos of you “Romoing” and we’ll add our favorites to the gallery all week.  Click here to submit your photos.