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If there is one thing NFL fans are unsure of, it’s what classifies as a catch. Read

There have now been countless controversial rulings across the NFL, but there was one play that arguably started all of the catch-no catch madness. And Cowboys Nation will never forget it. Read

Two years later, the debate still lives on, but this fan makes sure everyone he drives by knows the truth: Read Read

So how dedicated are you? #88CotIt Read

Super fans are what make sports so great. They take their allegiance to the next level by making it known which team they support (and which ones they can’t stand) throughout their daily lives. Some even go a step further and show their devotion to their favorite team through their death. Read

That was the case for loyal Cowboys fan Robert Clyde Drew, who passed away in late January. Read

His obituary is something that all of Cowboys Nation can appreciate: Read


Even Dez Bryant paid his respects and took advantage of the opportunity to remind the world that it was, indeed, a catch. Read Read

Marquez White, a cornerback who spent the 2017 season on the Cowboys’ practice squad, had his jersey retired by his high school last night – for his talents on the basketball court. Read Read

White attended Northview High School in Dothan, Ala., where he was a duel-sport athlete. He was first team all-state in basketball and football his senior year. Read

“I had never had my jersey retired so I didn’t how to react,” White told Dothan Eagle reporter David Mundee. “I didn’t know whether to be excited or proud. I knew I had worked my whole career towards building a legacy. I am extremely grateful.” Read Read

White went to Florida State on a scholarship offer to play both sports, but ultimately decided to focus solely on football. Read

That decision proved to be a good one, as White got drafted by the Cowboys in the sixth round. Although he did not suit up this season, he is learning and making the most of his opportunities. Read

“I practiced every week and got to go up against Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, Hall of Fame guys who will go down with gold jackets,” White told the paper. “Getting to go to work each day with them, I can’t complain. I am doing what I love to do at age 23. There is no other place I would rather be.” Read

While Chido Awuzie is entering his first NFL offseason, the rookie is starting it off right by giving back to his mom with a very special birthday gift. Awuzie shared a picture on social media of the Range Rover SUV, complete with a giant bow and his smiling mom. Read Read

He says that “she always wanted one” – and after accomplishing his dream of reaching the NFL, it’s great to see him giving back to people who helped him get there. Read

The future is bright for this cornerback who was drafted in the second round of last year’s draft and found himself in a starting role quickly in his NFL career. Read