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News & Blogs: Mickey Spagnola


FRISCO, Texas – Attention please: Read

       One game does not a season make. Read

       Oh wait, sorry, that was last Friday’s lead, right? Win or lose, the season opener does not define who you are. Read

       And you know what, win or lose the second game of a 16-game season, even if you are throttled by the Super Bowl champs from two years ago, sure as heck doesn’t define who you are or who you might be. Read


FRISCO – Time for some midweek tidbits with overreaction to Broncos 42, Cowboys 17, swirling harder and faster than on-coming Maria in the Caribbean. What are the 1-1 Cowboys ever to do? Read

Over the past nine seasons the Cowboys have started out 1-1. The only two times they haven’t: The Cowboys went 0-2 in 2010 on the way to 6-10 after losing Tony Romo; and they began 2015 at 2-0 before again losing Romo for all but four games. Read


DENVER – Lightning began bouncing all over this Mile High City Sunday afternoon. Read

         The bolts provided by Mother Nature caused a 1-hour, 2-minute delay with 33 seconds left in the first quarter of this Dallas-Denver matchup, dispatching the Cowboys and the Broncos to their respective locker rooms and the majority of the 76,919 people at Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High scurrying for cover. Read

         There were no known strikes from these aerial displays in the area. Read


 FRISCO, Texas – As they say, one game does not a season make. Read

Win or lose. Doesn’t matter. Read

Of course, you would rather win that season opener than lose. Go ask New England and Seattle and Arizona. Heck, go ask Cincinnati, already 0-2 and firing offensive coordinator Ken Zampese, son of former Cowboys offensive coordinator Ernie Zampese. Read

But the Cowboys won. Read

19-3. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Looking back, looking forward and looking into the courts, let’s make sure these Mick Shots prevent these nuggets from falling through the cracks midweek after the Cowboys’ season-opening win over the New York Giants but before Game 2 in Denver. Read



ARLINGTON, Texas – Welcome to the NFL and back to football Jaylon Smith. Read


FRISCO, Texas – In the very words of Rod Marinelli, with folks oohing about this and ahhhing about that, worrying about this injury or that lack of experience or preseason playing time, he shook his head and said, no matter what . . . . Read

         “Gotta go.” Read

         Therein lies the beauty of this Dallas Cowboys 2017 season opener Sunday night against the New York Football Giants at what promises to be a seam-bursting AT&T Stadium, the 58th campaign in franchise history. Read

         It’s time. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Just when I was losing faith in mankind. Read

         Just when I thought we as a society were moving closer and closer to imploding upon ourselves. Read

         Just when … Read

         I mean, bickering had reached cacophonic decibels. Charlottesville. Dead people offensiveness. Kneeling for the national anthem. Walls. Borders. Bathrooms. Read

Sensitivity is at an all-time high. Read

         Darn, is anyone having any fun? Read

         Then along came Harvey. Read


ARLINGTON, Texas – Four preseason games down, one to go after Saturday night’s 24-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders, and with so much taking place at AT&T Stadium, here are some leftovers heading into this final week of training camp. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Just 16 days until the season opener. Sixteen now. Things are getting serious around here. Read

         A preseason game at AT&T Stadium Saturday night against the Raiders, and then hopefully, ol’ Harvey permitting, the final tune-up next Thursday in Houston. That’s it, and it will be time to play ball. Read

         And from a practice standpoint, there will be only two practices next week, the game on Thursday, cuts coming down Friday and Saturday, and before we blink it will be game week come Labor Day. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Somewhere Tex Schramm is smiling. Read

         See, Tex Schramm was big on history. History of the NFL. History of the country. History of those World Wars. You name it. Read

         But I can remember the one thing Tex seemed to contemplate in his later years, before passing away on July 15, 2003: Read

Had he done enough during his 83 years on this earth to be remembered? Did he make his mark? Read


ARLINGTON, Texas – Here is a few after thoughts following the Cowboys’ 24-19 preseason victory over the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night at AT&T Stadium. And let’s remember training camp is not finished, the Cowboys just changed venues, now back home at The Star with the open-to-the-public practices inside The Ford Center. Read



OXNARD, Calif. – This is a valuable lesson learned a long time ago. A long time ago, like back in 1979. Read

         Was covering a basketball coaching clinic. Bob Knight was the guest speaker that day. He called two young high school coaches up onto the stage. He was going to demonstrate a point. Read

         Knight takes, if I can recall correctly, like a $100 bill out of his pocket and places down on the center of the stage. He separates the two coaches to each end, and tells the guys when he says go, the first guy to grab the C-note gets to keep it. Read


OXNARD, Calif. - These four weeks of training camp have been serious business around here for the Dallas Cowboys. Read

But finally, on the final padded practice of camp, as the Cowboys were doing their team stretch Thursday morning, and about to begin their daily jumping jacks, a little levity, courtesy of head coach Jason Garrett. Read


OXNARD, Calif. – This past Monday, while walking off the practice field in a much-welcomed full sweat, some lady politely yelled at the big guy, equal parts encouragement and wish, “Hey, stay healthy!” Read

         “Got to,” the big guy said. Read

         How timely. Read


OXNARD, Calif. - Here are some leftovers from Saturday’s game with the Rams as the Cowboys enter the final week of training camp here in California.  Read


OXNARD, Calif. – As we were walking through the Residence Inn parking lot here at training camp, Cowboys player development consultant Calvin Hill was walking toward us. Read

         He was wearing appropriately for the day a dry-fit T-shirt, blue with white capital letters on the front. One head coach Jason Garrett issue with a signature message to the team and the organization: Read

         FOCUS. Read

         Garrett’s ability to maintain focus over the next month, heck two-and-a-half months, with his players will be stretched to the limits. Read


OXNARD, Calif. – There seems to be a blood pressure epidemic going around. The numbers are rising. Read

         All caused by those so concerned with the Cowboys secondary, even though we have nearly a month before the season opener, and even though the presumptive starting secondary hasn’t even played a preseason game together yet. Read

         And it’s the same issue keep hearing over and over: Read

         What are the Cowboys going to do without Barry Church? Read

         What are the Cowboys going to do without Brandon Carr? Read


CANTON, Ohio – Here are just a few leftovers from a historic weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Read


CANTON, Ohio – Who knew? Read

Who really knew? Read

Who knew that on that monumental day in Dallas Cowboys history when this 46-year-old oil and gas man from Arkansas named Jerral Wayne Jones first stepped into The Ranch on Feb. 25, 1989, turning the 29-year history of this first NFL expansion franchise upside down, that 28 years later, in his 29th season as just the third owner of the Cowboys, he would be now stepping into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday evening, Aug. 5, 2017. Read

Not a soul. Read