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FRISCO, Texas – Three OTA workouts a week for three consecutive weeks begin on Tuesday, here at The Star. Read

The full team minicamp is scheduled for June 13-15. Read

Training camp will begin sometime around that third week in July. Read

And for this Dallas Cowboys team, the defending NFC East champs, seems as though heading toward the 2017 season it’s the same worries, next year. Read

Am I right? Read

The defense. Read

If you remember, that was the universal worry starting the 2014 season. Then again in 2015. Once again in 2016. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Here is what we should all like best about Xavier Woods. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Great the Dallas Cowboys selected Taco Charlton with the 28th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. Read


FRISCO, Texas – As we all know, variety is the spice of life. Read

The Dallas Cowboys, by the way, and let’s all remember this part, too, when analyzing these guys with the 2017 season still like five months away, that’s The Defending NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys, have somewhat amended this proverb over the past few days to . . . . Read

Versatility is the spice of an NFL roster. Read

That evidently is what those defending division champs were thinking as they navigated their way through the 2017 NFL Draft over the past few days. Read


FRISCO, Texas – With apologies to Dean Roy Fisher, sports editors Gary Clark and John Rawlings, the very guys who taught me the do’s and don’ts of journalism at the University of Missouri, yes, I’m going to break one of the cardinal rules drummed into us at an early age. Read

         Do not start a story with a question. You are supposed to answer questions not ask them. Read

         So here goes: Read


FRISCO, Texas – For the Dallas Cowboys, going on their 58th NFL season and two weeks from their 57th NFL draft, gosh, they must feel like they’ve been searching for Bigfoot … Read

         When it comes to drafting pass-rushing defensive ends. Read


DALLAS – So there he was, really his first somewhat public appearance since announcing he was moving from the football field into the CBS booth as the No. 1 TV analyst after the Cowboys last week granted his release. Read

         There at the American Airlines Center Tuesday morning following the Dallas Mavericks shootaround before tonight’s final home game of the season, with young son Rivers, who was dribbling around with a smallish basketball, and frankly not bad for a 3-year-old, the one his mom had told me once is “their little Tony.” Read


FRISCO, Texas – So after watching all 14 seasons of Tony Romo’s career with the Dallas Cowboys, every one of his of his 156 games played, all 2,829 of his completions, those 248 touchdown passes, along with 117 interceptions, a club-record 66 games with a passer rating of at least 100, a club career-record passer rating of 97.1, authoring 78 victories in 127 starts and that 2-6 playoff record, every bit of this leaves me scratching my head. Read

What a strange dichotomy of a career. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Consider this a sort of public service announcement, either to help clear the air on what seems to be some confusing developments or to offer some help to improve upon others. Read

So on this double-dose Final Four weekend – one of those being played down the road in Dallas – and before the 2017 MLB season pitches off, let’s get going here in a hurry. Read


All About Witt Read


FRISCO, Texas – And 67 days after the fact comes a victory for common sense. Read

Too late for the Dallas Cowboys. Read

Now before we go any further, let’s give a couple of definitions for the age-old term of common sense: Read

First: Good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. Read

Second: Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. Read

Makes sense, right? Read


FRISCO, Texas – And now we bear witness to the continuing exodus of the 13-3 Dallas Cowboys. Read

         One by one, piece by piece, already nine players contributing this past season to the Cowboys’ best record in the NFC and second NFC East title in the past three years are being swept away by the riches of free agency. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Happens this time every year, where molehills turn into mountains, when common sense takes a backseat to headlines. When player agents have no problem throwing something out there in the name of creating market value for their clients. Where team officials say one thing to disguise what they’re really thinking. Read

         So as a public service, let’s do this. Let’s try to bring some facts, and give you the rest of the story. Read


DeMarcus Ware would like to return to the Cowboys: Read


WACO, Texas – So thought I knew everything there is to know about Darren Woodson over these past 25 years. Read

         You know, how former Arizona State assistant coach Lovie Smith basically raised him as a Sun Devil in his hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. Read

         How Cowboys defensive assistant Dave Campo was the guy insisting to head coach Jimmy Johnson that the Cowboys select this hybrid linebacker with cover skills in the second round of the 1992 draft. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The No. 1 question being asked, deliberated and anticipated as this 2017 offseason begins picking up steam unquestionably is this: Read

         What will the Dallas Cowboys do with 14-year veteran, four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Tony Romo? Read

         Will they trade him, and if so where? Read

         Will they simply release him? Read

         Will they designate him for a post-June 1 release? Read

         Will they keep him? Read


FRISCO, Texas – So we’ve been inundated recently with what the Dallas Cowboys should have learned over the past two weeks, leading up to Super Bowl LI and day in and day out following Super Bowl LI. Read

         Here is one you have yet to see: Read

         Gotta score. Read

         As in points. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Election Day 2017, Saturday, Houston, Texas. Read

         This, though, is a little different than the democratic process we live in these days. Not everyone gets to vote. Just 48 are eligible, and a simple majority doesn’t rule. Either you get an 80-percent approval rating or you’re out. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Well, here we go again with the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys now officially nearly two weeks old, and will be in full swing after this weekend’s Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl are played, along with next Sunday’s Super Bowl down in Houston. Read

And darn, if it’s not the same song, next verse. Read

The Cowboys need a pass rusher. Read

Again. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The video board at the far end of the locker room out here at The Star went blank blue midweek, save the tiny date still in the bottom left-hand corner: Jan. 16. Read

No daily schedule. Read

No time for the morning meetings. Read

No time for practice. Read

Nothing about wearing pads or shells. Read

No nothing. Read


FRISCO, Texas – You know, thought we had moved on from all these yeah buts a long time ago when it came to Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Read