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         FRISCO, TEXAS – This question was posed to me quite unexpectedly the other day: Read

         Do you think we’ll see a repeat season from DeMarcus Lawrence? (14.5 sacks last year after 9 in his first three seasons combined.) Read

          Usually for these types of radio or Skype interviews the questions are pretty predictable. This one caught me by surprise. So my answer, judging from the pregnant pause immediately afterward, must have been deemed somewhat hollow: Read

         “Yeah, if he stays healthy.” Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Way back in the beginning of my newspaper days when there were length restrictions to the stories you wrote, an editor once told me after my piece was cut, “If you like the end of your story so much you had better learn to put it in the beginning.” Read

         So just to make sure this Shot doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, here we go, the impetus for pointing this out once again is me reading too many responses to one of my Tweets and still trying to help out those mystified by the real meaning of “Dak Friendly.” Read



FRISCO. Texas – ’Bout this time of year, nearly every year, one of these long-shot guys lands on the Cowboys’ expanded 90-man roster, someone you can’t help but pull for. Read

         Or someone with a backstory you can’t help rooting for. Read

         Remember Patrick Crayton in 2004, no more than a seventh-round pick, a local kid out of somewhere called Northwestern Oklahoma State. Read


         GRAPEVINE, Texas – What a great day out at Cowboys Golf Course on Wednesday. There were Shots flying around left and right. Read

         Some golf shots, too, down the middle. Even saw one go right in the hole on a short par-3 here during the 29thannual Cowboys Golf Classic, with Cowboys players, coaches, personnel and sponsors scrambling around. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Do not for a minute kid yourself. This was hard. Real hard for Jason Witten. Read


FRISCO, Texas – This has not been easy on Jason Witten. Not at all. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Leave it to Cowboys COO Stephen Jones to lend some self-deprecating humor during the announcement of Dallas’ own Errol Spence Jr. basically returning home to defend his IBF Welterweight World title right out here at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Competition. Read

         Get used to it. You are going to hear that word, competition, over and over and over again as the Cowboys head toward rookie minicamp, OTAs, the full squad minicamp and into training camp. Read

         Competition. Read

         In fact, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve been hearing almost every time anyone in this organization has been talking, from Jerry Jones to Stephen Jones to Jason Garrett to Rod Marinelli to Will McClay to even some of the players, the word competition. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Nothing frivolous. Read

         Just strictly business. Know what you need. Know what you want. Just go get it. Read

         That indeed has been the Dallas Cowboys’ philosophy so far during this 2018 NFL Draft, making those who thought Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would do something outlandish during these first three rounds just because the draft was in his playground at AT&T Stadium look foolish. Read


         ARLINGTON, Texas – The moment dripped with irony early Wednesday afternoon, out here at the old football field at Workman Junior High School: Read

         Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seated on the makeshift stage for the NFL Draft Legacy Project ceremony, right next to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, smiling and chit-chatting with each other up there. Read


         ARLINGTON, Texas – There they were, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, sitting side-by-side on a makeshift stage here Wednesday afternoon, brought together for the good of the kids in this city that’s home to AT&T Stadium. Read

         The Cowboys, in conjunction with Hellas Construction and the NFL, are leaving an NFL Draft Legacy. They announced at a groundbreaking ceremony on the aging football fields of Workman Junior High the construction of a turf field, along with a refurbishing of the modest stands. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – With the 19th pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select … Read

         Shoot, with the draft still six days away, they don’t even know. Read

         How could they? Read

Unless of course those in the war room out here at Ford Center could accurately predict the first 18 selections, then the Cowboys brass could tell you exactly who they’d take. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Hang on tight, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, lot of Shots to knock out quickly, so we’ll be going fast. Read

Especially now that the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium is now a week away. Batter up. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Maybe they just knew what was about to take place on Friday the 13th. Read

         Maybe they already had come to grips with what just had to be a gripping conversation. Read

         But as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant were walking down the hallway here at The Star, heading up the stairs to Jerry’s office when I ran into them, both were smiling, both were sort of laughing –maybe at the coincidence of bumping into little ol’ me on the way to long-awaited summit meeting – almost as if two best friends were hooking up. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – With the NFL Draft closing in, the excitement building for the epicenter at AT&T Stadium this year, those draft tidbits are flying. Read

         Who might take this guy? How many quarterbacks are projected to go in the first round? What’s the meaning of the Cowboys visiting with this guy or that guy? The Top 30 visits of last week here at Ford Center. Dallas Day, too. Read

         Well, here is one of those Shots I will biggie-size for today: Read

         Beware the first-round wide receiver of late. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – The Gap. Read

         No, not the clothing store. Read

         The space. That which is between here and there. Read

         This has become the subject of much offseason discussion, and the guess is this popular topic will stretch into the summer, over the start of training camp and likely until the Cowboys first play the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. We should find out when soon. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Finally, it’s beginning to look a lot like an NFL Draft. Read

         There those mocks are sprouting up all over the place. The Cowboys are in the midst of their 30 visits. The NFL is concluding plans for how AT&T Stadium will be reconfigured into a 40,000-seat draft theater. And our annual Official 2018 Dallas Cowboys Draft Preview hit my desk this afternoon and is now available to all. Read

         My goodness, the Browns, we think, will be first on the clock in three weeks. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Well, I’ll be, when it comes to the Cowboys offensive line, believe it or not, it’s basically same time next year. Read

         No? Read

         Let’s review. Read

         Around this time last year, between the NFL Scouting Combine and the owners meetings, word started spreading of veteran right tackle Doug Free’s plans to retire. Sure enough, the day of the NFL Draft, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it official: Read

         Free is being placed on reserve/retired. Read


         FRISCO, Texas – Offseason, huh? Read

         Let’s see, we’ve had squad members in Orlando, Fla., for the NFL owners meetings, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, COO Stephen Jones and head coach Jason Garrett each conducting nearly hour-long interviews. Read

         We’ve had guys in College Station for Texas A&M’s Pro Day workout, coaching staff in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the Tide’s Pro Day workout and also staff members in Austin for the Longhorns Pro Day. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The yellow caution flag is out. Waving it wildly. Read

No, this isn’t NASCAR. It’s the NFL. More precisely, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. This has to do with free agency and salaries and cap hits. Not oil on the track. Read

Just the same, the Cowboys need to be careful. Yes, proceed with caution. Read