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News & Blogs: Mickey Spagnola


WACO, Texas – So thought I knew everything there is to know about Darren Woodson over these past 25 years. Read

         You know, how former Arizona State assistant coach Lovie Smith basically raised him as a Sun Devil in his hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. Read

         How Cowboys defensive assistant Dave Campo was the guy insisting to head coach Jimmy Johnson that the Cowboys select this hybrid linebacker with cover skills in the second round of the 1992 draft. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The No. 1 question being asked, deliberated and anticipated as this 2017 offseason begins picking up steam unquestionably is this: Read

         What will the Dallas Cowboys do with 14-year veteran, four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Tony Romo? Read

         Will they trade him, and if so where? Read

         Will they simply release him? Read

         Will they designate him for a post-June 1 release? Read

         Will they keep him? Read


FRISCO, Texas – So we’ve been inundated recently with what the Dallas Cowboys should have learned over the past two weeks, leading up to Super Bowl LI and day in and day out following Super Bowl LI. Read

         Here is one you have yet to see: Read

         Gotta score. Read

         As in points. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Election Day 2017, Saturday, Houston, Texas. Read

         This, though, is a little different than the democratic process we live in these days. Not everyone gets to vote. Just 48 are eligible, and a simple majority doesn’t rule. Either you get an 80-percent approval rating or you’re out. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Well, here we go again with the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys now officially nearly two weeks old, and will be in full swing after this weekend’s Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl are played, along with next Sunday’s Super Bowl down in Houston. Read

And darn, if it’s not the same song, next verse. Read

The Cowboys need a pass rusher. Read

Again. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The video board at the far end of the locker room out here at The Star went blank blue midweek, save the tiny date still in the bottom left-hand corner: Jan. 16. Read

No daily schedule. Read

No time for the morning meetings. Read

No time for practice. Read

Nothing about wearing pads or shells. Read

No nothing. Read


FRISCO, Texas – You know, thought we had moved on from all these yeah buts a long time ago when it came to Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Read

Remember, seems every time the Cowboys would win a game that first half or so of the season, most wanted to qualify the victory by saying something like, Yeah, that was good but Dak hasn’t … you fill in the hurdle. Read


FRISCO, TexasYou’ll know it when you see it. Read

That’s what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said just less than a month ago when discussing how the Cowboys would decide if they should stick with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott after his 11-game winning streak narrowly came to an end or if they should turn to a now healthy 14-year veteran quarterback Tony Romo for the rest of the season. Read

And you know, there is some truth to that previous Supreme Court reasoning on a censorship case. Sometimes you have to just trust your eyes. Read


PHILADELPHIA – Did everyone’s hearts good, didn’t it, to see Tony Romo smile? Read

Yours, too, right? Read

Been a while. Been a long while. And he deserved to. Read

The guy has been working his tail off, ever since he was cleared to work after suffering the compression fracture of his L1 vertebrae back on Aug. 25 against the Seattle Seahawks in a darn preseason game. Read


FRISCO, Texas – The kid in him seems to surface daily. Read

         Take Wednesday of this week. He decided to throw straws at Dak Prescott during the quarterback’s weekly session with the media. And when that was not distraction enough, he then started firing spit balls through a straw at Dak. Read

         Then on Thursday, after someone pranked him by stashing seemingly a hundred of those Halloween-sized bags of M&Ms into his locker’s upper compartment, he seemed unperturbed as a whole bunch of those bags flowed onto the floor all around his shoes. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Merry Christmas, Dallas Cowboys. Read

         Twelve is enough. Read

         Enough victories to win the NFC East for the second time in three years. Read

         Enough to earn a first-round bye. Read

         Enough to become the top seed in the NFC and snatch the accompanying home-field advantage throughout the conference playoffs, along with home-state advantage if they can manage to reach Super Bowl LI, to be played just a drive down I-45 in Houston. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Shame, shame, shame. Shame on Dak Prescott. Read

He’s not going to win 15 consecutive regular-season games this year. Read

He’s not going to do what no other Dallas Cowboys quarterback has ever done. Not Don Meredith, not Craig Morton, not Roger Staubach, not Danny White, not Troy Aikman, gosh, not even Tony Romo. Two of those guys are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Three of those guys are in the Cowboys famed Ring of Honor. Another has a chance of landing in both. Read


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – After winning a franchise single-season record 11 consecutive games. Read

After surviving that gauntlet of playing three games in 12 days. Read

After flawlessly running through playoff contenders Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington and Minnesota. Read

After overcoming four fourth-quarter deficits to pull out victories. Read

Here is what it took for the Cowboys to lose for the first time in 13 weeks. Read


FRISCO, Texas – And now for the home stretch. Read

         And what a home stretch it is. Read

         You know, so much is being made of the Cowboys now playing four consecutive night games on national television, starting with last week’s Thursday night game at Minnesota, this Sunday night’s battle against the New York Football Giants at MetLife Stadium, then next Sunday night’s flexed game at home against Tampa Bay and finally the Monday night game after Christmas against Detroit. Read


MINNEAPOLIS – You can’t win ’em all, can you? Read

Like, who in today’s NFL wins 15 consecutive games, right? Unless, I guess, you’re named the New England Patriots? The Cowboys have now won 11 straight, with six the next-longest current winning streak in the NFL this season, belonging to the New York Football Giants. Read

Like, who these days even comes close to going 15-1, right? Since the next-best records in the NFL today to the Cowboys’ 11-1 are the 9-2s of New England and Oakland and the 8-3 of them Giants? Read


FRISCO, Texas – Jerry Jones just had to pinch himself the other day. Maybe twice. Read

         Here is the Cowboys owner who had chased the quarterback position from 2001 through half the 2006 season. Here is the Cowboys owner who had been chasing backup quarterbacks, for the most part, from 2007 through the 2015 season. Read


PITTSBURGH – They just win, baby. Read

Sometimes the wins come easy. Read

Sometimes they are a struggle. Read

This time, seriously, they stretched the limits of believability. I mean, so what Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throws for 408 yards and three touchdowns. Read

So what Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown catches 14 passes for 154 yards and one touchdown, becoming the first receiver to produce a 100-yard game against the Cowboys this season. Read

So what Le’Veon Bell scores twice. Read


FRISCO, Texas – As a salute to Veteran’s Day, maybe we can borrow this song title celebrating the end of World War I as the Dallas Cowboys are about to embark on the second half of this 2016 season: Read

         “Happy days are here again!” Read

         Why, the Cowboys are 7-1, in stark contrast to this time last year when the agony of 2-6 had set in. Read

         They are tied with New England for the best record in the NFL. Read

         They have a two-game lead in the NFC East over the Giants, two and a half over the Redskins and a three over the Eagles. Read


CLEVELAND – Trying to decide what the true meaning of 7-1 really is at the halfway point of the 2016 season. Read

For all practical purposes, 7-1 means the Cowboys are tied with the New England Patriots for the best record in the National Football League. Read

Means they have a two-game edge in the NFC East on the New York Giants (5-3). Read

Means they have at least a two-game edge on any other team in the NFC with Seattle (4-2-1) still to play Monday night, own a 4-0 record on the road, and at 5-1, own the best record in NFC games. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Who is afraid of the Cleveland Browns? Read

The 0-8 Cleveland Browns, the ones who have yet to beat a soul this 2016 season, and only the 49ers in the past 19 games? Read

Well, let me tell you who: Dallas, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York Giants, Cincinnati, Buffalo, San Diego and the Steelers again. Read

You mean the Dallas Cowboys, too? Those 6-1 Dallas Cowboys, winners of six straight, owners of the best record in the NFC and second-best record in the NFL? The ones who have matched the franchise’s best start to a season since the 1983 Cowboys went 7-0? Read