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FRISCO, Texas – Can someone just please make a play? Read

         Any play? Read

         Something catalytic. Something to cause a spark. Read

         Anything, just to get these Dallas Cowboys out of this rut. Read


ARLINGTON, Texas – Some Thanksgiving, huh. Read

         Never seen anything like this. Read

         You probably haven’t either. Read

         Not even the old-timers, going way, way back to this franchise’s 1960 inception, 58 seasons ago. Read

         Why in the past three games, and no surprise, three consecutive losses, here is what the Dallas Cowboys have produced: Read

         Against Atlanta, 7 points. Read

         Against Philadelphia, 9 points. Read

         Against LA Chargers, 6 points. Read


FRISCO, Texas – So this is the second part of your Thanksgiving Day feast, Cowboys-chargers, 3:25 p.m. at AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys trying to end a two-game losing streak and creep back over .500, and the Chargers trying to win their fifth game in the past seven and at 4-6 now inch closer to .500. Read


ARLINGTON, Texas – Swear, when this one was over, caught myself doing a double-check. Read

         Was the score really Cowboys 9, Eagles 7 at halftime? Read

         Really? Read

         Sure was. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Let’s simplify this matter of playing the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night at AT&T Stadium. Read

         First, we know those Eagles are an NFL-best 8-1. Read

         We know they are second in the league with a 31.4 scoring average. Read

         We know quarterback Carson Wentz is balling out, leading the Eagles’ fourth-ranked offense while putting up the NFL’s third best QB rating of 104.1 on the strength of a league-high 23 touchdown passes and just five interceptions. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Man, just another year in the 58-season history of the Dallas Cowboys. Read

         Suspensions. Court cases. Injuries. Losses never dreamed of. Surprise performances, both good and bad. Squabbles with the NFL. Someone making, as owner Jerry Jones called, “a laughable” assertion that if Jerry continues to act up the league has the right to make him sell the franchise. Read

         Ha, as I said to that one: Fine, sell it, and with the money BUY the NFL. Oh, these days, never let preposterous get in the way of a website headline. Read


ATLANTA – It’s one thing to be without Zeke. The Cowboys knew that going in. Read

         And it’s one thing to be without Dan Bailey. They’ve been without him for the previous two weeks. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Every player in the National Football League should take notice. Read

         Every team in the National Football League better take notice. Read

         This can happen to you, too. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Back to work, back to court, back in the day. Oh, so much to discuss, so little time, especially since these Dallas Cowboys know they can’t rest on their most recent three-game-winning-streak laurels. Read


ARLINGTON, Texas – Now that is the real deal. Read

         No, not the Dallas Cowboys offense putting up 28 points, the sixth consecutive game the team has scored at least 28 points, but two short of stretching their mark of at least 30 to five. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Of all things, just when the 6-2 Kansas City Chiefs are coming to town, just when the 4-3 Cowboys finally put together back-to-back wins and seem to be gaining some traction, running back Ezekiel Elliott Read


LANDOVER, Md. – Weird game. Read

         Played in a steady three-hour downpour. Read


FRISCO, Texas – There is a lot to like about this Dallas Cowboys team, but … Read

         You know, great the Cowboys have scored 28, 30, 31 and 40 points in their past four games, an average of 32.3 points per game. Read


FRISCO, Texas – So here they go, the Dallas Cowboys looking for two wins in a row for the first time since Dec. 18 and 26 of last season. This win one, lose one, win one, lose two, win one just isn’t going to cut it, especially with the Philadelphia Eagles streaking off to a 6-1 start and the 3-3 Cowboys having to wait until Nov. 19 to have any say in their matter. Read


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Now that’s more like it. Read

         40 points. Read

         501 total yards of offense. Read

         265 yards rushing. Read


FRISCO, Texas – This made me think, and yes, contrary to popular belief of some, I do think at times. Read

         Carolina veteran defensive lineman Julius Peppers was talking about his middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, currently out for the third time in three years in concussion protocol, and the difficulty of replacing the three-time All Pro. Read


FRISCO, Texas – At some point this week we will get back to pure football, but can’t stick our heads in the sand with so much swirling around affecting the Cowboys’ ability to return from their bye at full strength. Read


FRISCO, Texas – Focus. Read

         Man, if there ever was a time for the Dallas Cowboys to heed that five-letter word Jason Garrett had printed on those T-shirts, it is now. Right now. Read

         The Cowboys can’t concern themselves coming off this bye on a two-game losing streak. Read

         There is nothing they can do now about those first five games, having emerged with a 2-3 record for fifth time in the past seven seasons. Read


There is a strange relationship in this game of football with offensive linemen. You know, those big sloppies. The grunts. The guys normally never invited to pose for any of those fund-raising player calendars. Read


They are a huge necessity, and in great need. As Dallas Cowboys Pro Football Hall of Famer Rayfield Wright, a six-time NFL Pro Bowler, likes to say, “You’ve got to put the engine in there before the car is going to move.” Read

Truer words never spoken. Read


FRISCO, Texas – As your agent for the betterment of common sense, seems like my duty to do as much as possible to simplify these legal matters and get you all “Zeked” up over this bye weekend. Read

         And we will start with something you guys have heard me say probably far too often over the last couple of months, compliments of the late Texas E. Schramm, Dallas Cowboys original president and general manager oh those first 29 years: Read

         Sometimes judges should do what’s right instead of what is legal. Read