The Dallas Cowboys are excited to team up with the Salvation Army to provide one of the most exciting stadium fundraisers in the nation, the 50/50 Raffle!!!  The Dallas Cowboys’ 50/50 Raffle raises funds for The Salvation Army while giving fans the chance to win big at the big game!

50/50 raffle tickets are sold during each home game, and a drawing is held at the beginning of the 4th quarter to determine which lucky fan gets to split the total jackpot for that game with The Salvation Army!  

The Salvation Army operates more than 7,500 centers in communities across the United States.  These include food distribution, disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, anti-human trafficking efforts, and a wealth of children’s programs. 

For more information on The Salvation Army, please visit

Click here for the complete Terms and Conditions for the Cowboys 50/50 Raffle.

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For more information or to contact the Dallas Cowboys Community Relations Manager, by email at or by phone at 972.497.4955.

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Raffle Date Game Winning Ticket Jackpot Prize Amount Claimed
08/19/2017 Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts #1486012005 $23,688 $11,844 Yes
08/26/2017 Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders #4594174060 $27,252 $13,626 Yes
09/10/2017 Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants #2195582033 $97,200 $48,600 Yes
10/01/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams #4973064004 $58,099 $29,049 Yes
10/08/2017 Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers #4795641042 $91,363 $45,681 Yes
11/05/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs #1024678010 $77,152 $38,576 Yes
11/19/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles #4644901001 $68,715 $34,357 Yes
11/23/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Chargers #1677793002 $89,068 $44,534 No
11/30/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins #1787303003 $51,493 $25,746 Yes
12/24/17 Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks #3448536015 $48,789 $24,394 Yes