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10-Day Turnaround

!The Cowboys stuck to their plan, running the ball 46 times for a season-high 217 yards.

offensive line doesn't come to play. And while the line had its moments both good and bad, it did the job for the most part. Sure, the Cowboys had some issues punching it in for a touchdown down in the red zone in what seemed like about 12 chances from inside the 5.  

The line did its job. The backs did their job. And I think with the running game, we leave it at that for now. I know it'll be easy to start debating the Felix/Choice/Barber issue again. But I say let's wait before we try to figure that whole thing out. I know Choice played great and the Cowboys needed someone to provide some juice like that. But Felix did a nice job as well. And let's not forget the Colts have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.  

But for this game, the legs of Choice and Jones, and even Jon Kitna helped the Cowboys execute their game plan.  

However, it wasn't just sticking to the game plan that helped the Cowboys win this one. Sometimes, things happen to change the plans - like a blocked punt returned for a touchdown that all of a sudden changes your 27-21 lead into a 28-27 deficit early in the fourth quarter.  

And to make matters much, much worse, the ensuing kickoff sees Bryant get hurt and out for the remainder of the game and ultimately the season.  

The lead is gone. The momentum is long gone. And carried off the field and into the locker room is Bryant. Your best player - gone as well.  

So how do the Cowboys respond? Well, like any 3-8 team would respond, right? Just your average 18-play, 81-yard drive that chews up 10:18 off the clock.  

And of those 18 plays, 14 of them were running plays. Choice and Jones did the dirty work on that drive.  

Jones for 3. Jones for 11. Choice for 3. Choice for 1. Jones for six. Choice for 4. Choice for 26. There were a few passes sprinkled in there as well, including the eventual touchdown pass from Kitna to Jason Witten.  

And, of course, let's not forget the break the Cowboys got when the Colts were flagged for a "leveraging" on the field goal by Buehler. That gave Dallas another set of downs to score and grab the touchdown-lead.  

And with Manning throwing the ball, they needed every point they could get.  

But it was that type of drive that really symbolizes the current state of this football team.  

Earlier in the season, adversity was this club's worst enemy. Now, they've found ways to not only overcome adversity, but sometimes the Cowboys have proven to be at their best. 

Take the week of the coaching change and having to go up to the Meadowlands to face the Giants. You can't find more adversity than that, but yet the Cowboys came out and played their best.  

Against the Lions, they were sleepwalking along for a half and staring an embarrassing upset in the face before they woke up and put the hammer down in the second half.  

Against the Saints, down by 17, the Cowboys found a way to claw back before losing in the end.  

And Sunday in Indy, it was more of the same. You tell me this team is going to give Peyton Manning not one, but TWO chances in overtime, and the defense stops them and gets a pick?  

Never thought this was possible, but this 4-8 football team is now really fun to watch. Of course, we all wish this team had something more to play for than just trying to finish the year at .500.  

But that's not the case. All they can do is play hard, play well and improve each week.  

Obviously they've played hard - that's easy to see.  

The Cowboys' 3-1 record since Garrett took over is proof enough they're playing well.  

And the way the outcomes were flipped in a 10-day span against the Saints and now the Colts, you can also see the improvement.  

Right now, that's really all this team has. But if anything, at least it's entertaining.                                                  

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